Bonjour, namaste, aloha, hej!This past weekend, a team from Neo Technology participated in the NASA International Space Apps Challenge. Pernilla, Tobias, and Mattias from Neo Technology joined forces with our friend Hatim, who is an organizer of the Stockholm Neo4j… Learn More »

Today is Leonhard Euler’s birthday, and we’re celebrating by announcing a first Release Candidate for Neo4j 1.9, now available for download! This release includes a number of incremental changes from the last Milestone (1.9-M05). This release candidate includes the last… Learn More »

We’ve been working to improve our architecture in our Heroku Add-on.  We’ve also been working on making it possible for you guys to migrate off of our deprecated Test plan, and onto our supported Try plan.  That’s taken longer than… Learn More »

Hi all,We are very proud to announce the next milestone of the Neo4j 1.9 release cycle. This time, we have been trying to introduce as few big changes as possible and instead concentrate on things that make the production environment… Learn More »

I am sure that many of you are very technical people, very knowledgeable about all things Java, Dr. Who and many other things – but I in case you have ever met me, you would probably have noticed that I… Learn More »

Today we’re happy to announce Neo4j 1.9.M04, the next milestone on our way to the Neo4j 1.9 release.For this milestone we have worked on further improvements in Cypher, resolving several issues and continued to improve performance.Something many users has asked for is Scala… Learn More »

I make no excuses: My name is Rik van Bruggen and I am a salesperson. I think it is one of the finest and nicest professions in the world, and I love what I do. I love it specifically, because… Learn More »

This is a guest blog by Amit Gupta, following a discussion on a Neo4j discussion forum.Get introduced to your friend of friendsThere was this interesting problem that I had encountered, where I had to find (in a facebook like graph… Learn More »

Today we release the dates and cities for the first part of the Neo4j World Wide Tour. Since the world has not collapsed today, according to Mayan prophecy, we can go ahead!The 2013 Neo4j World Wide Tour is officially on!We’ll cover… Learn More »

The latest stable version of Neo4j is an important milestone in terms of stability and performance.We push boundaries on every major release, for the maintenance release we worked on feedback from customers and addressed some of the issues they have… Learn More »

We have been working hard over the last weeks to tune and improve many aspects in the Neo4j internals, to deliver an even faster, more stable and less resource intensive graph database in this 1.9.M02 milestone release. Those efforts span… Learn More »

As Bio-Technology is one of the hot topics of the century and graph databases are on the rise in this decade, we thought it would be a good idea to bring researchers and bioinformatics developers together for a workshop about… Learn More »

GraphConnect was an awesome event with engaged attendees, impressive speakers and great conversations. The Neo4j community team was happy to have supported the event, but the biggest thanks go to Allison Sparrow and Adam Herzog for the bulk of the… Learn More »

It is only 4 days to GraphConnect San Francisco 2012 on Nov 6th and the Neo4j Community is thrilled to be part of the conference. We will have our own special Community Lounge a cosy swedish-style place to relax, chat… Learn More »