We have been working hard over the last weeks to tune and improve many aspects in the Neo4j internals, to deliver an even faster, more stable and less resource intensive graph database in this 1.9.M02 milestone release. Those efforts span… Learn More »

As Bio-Technology is one of the hot topics of the century and graph databases are on the rise in this decade, we thought it would be a good idea to bring researchers and bioinformatics developers together for a workshop about… Learn More »

GraphConnect was an awesome event with engaged attendees, impressive speakers and great conversations. The Neo4j community team was happy to have supported the event, but the biggest thanks go to Allison Sparrow and Adam Herzog for the bulk of the… Learn More »

It is only 4 days to GraphConnect San Francisco 2012 on Nov 6th and the Neo4j Community is thrilled to be part of the conference. We will have our own special Community Lounge a cosy swedish-style place to relax, chat… Learn More »

As you probably know by now, we plan to run GraphConnect on Nov 6 2012 in San Francisco. For the event, the Neo4j community team devised some interesting hacking challenges.One challenge is recording an interaction-graph based on OpenBeacon-RFID tracking much… Learn More »

This is a guest post by Mark A. Jensen, a DC area bioinformatics scientist. Thanks a lot Mark for writing the impressive Neo4j Perl library and taking the time to documenting it thoroughly.You might call REST::Neo4p an “Object-Graph Mapping”. It… Learn More »

Meet us during this week’s (Oct 15-18) SpringOne 2GX 2012 conference in Washington D.C. where we’re proudly participating as a Gold Sponsor.Our entertaining CEO Emil Eifrem and the Spring-savvy Neo4j team consisting of Michael Hunger, Stefan Armbruster and Lasse Westh-Nielsen will be there… Learn More »

Using Spring Data Neo4j it was incredibly easy to model and import the Hubway Challenge dataset into a Neo4j graph database, to make it available for advanced querying and visualization. The Challenge and Data Tonight @graphmaven pointed me to the… Learn More »

Neo4j-[:LOVES]->CypherWebinar Follow-Up Thanks to everyone for attending the webinar, I was thrilled about the attendance and the great discussions in the chat. As promised we publish this follow-up post to address questions that were not answered and provide a convenient… Learn More »

Hi yall,I’m back! With another meetup winner of GraphConnect passes. A couple of weeks ago, GraphConnect sponsored the Silicon Valley Java User Group, where about 200 attendees showed up for a discussion about REST API’s at Google HQ in Mountain… Learn More »

Help us testing the Cypher-JDBC-Driver Update The results that our awesome community provided in testing the driver are available. As many of you know Rickard Öberg did a lab project last December developing a first prototype of a JDBC driver… Learn More »

The full general release of Neo4j 1.7 is now in view, with this milestone marking feature completeness. This 1.7.M03 release is recommended for migrating your test servers, client applications and drivers in anticipation of 1.7.GA, since there will be no… Learn More »

Hey everyone,We held our How to Get Started with Neo4j webinar last week, and received lots of great questions from our participants.Here are the questions captured in the Q&A section. If you don’t see your question here, please be sure… Learn More »

Hey everyone,Another awesome turnout at our Intro to Graph Databases webinar last week. We had loads of questions throughout the session, and we thank all of you for attending and participating!Here are the questions captured in the Q&A section. If… Learn More »