Use Cases

Connected data brings new possibilities

The interconnected physical, virtual, and application layers of a network are perfectly modeled in a comprehensive Neo4j graph.

Queries: Impact Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, Quality-of-Service Mapping, Asset Management

Family, friends and followers extend into a social graph which reveals patterns of similar behavior, influence, and implicit groups.

Queries : Friend Recommendations, Sharing & Collaboration, Influencer Analysis

Connect the dots of seemingly unrelated interests and relationships to make recommendations that balance fresh with familiar.

Queries : Product, Social, Service, and Professional Recommendations

Who you are, how you belong, and what you’re permitted depends upon the relationships between you, an organization, and a system.

Queries : Access Management, Interconnected Group Organization, Provenance


Routing and logistics occur in a logical map of spatial locations, decorated with capacity and connected to people, places and assets.

Queries : Routing, Logistics, Capacity Planning