Watch Jim Webber at GraphConnect SF 2013

Dr. Jim Webber knows how to capture an audience’s attention. With a combination of memes, anecdotes and language unfit for a royal audience, Jim has enraptured audiences around the world with his presentations on Neo4j and graph databases. In this video from his keynote at GraphConnect 2013 San Francisco, Jim does exactly that while referencing important cultural icons like Doctor Who... Read more →



Let Me Graph That For You: Building a Graph Database Application at QCon

Summary Ian Robinson introduces tools and techniques for building a system around a graph engine, experiment with graph data, and using it in an application. Bio Ian Robinson works on research and development for future versions of the Neo4j graph database. Harbouring a long-held interest in connected data, he was for many years one of the foremost proponents of REST architectures,... Read more →



GraphGist of the Week

The Neo4j community constantly and consistently produces incredible works of Cypher genius in their GraphGists, representing everything from the World of Harry Potter to Bank Fraud Detection. In recognition of our talented community members behind the posts, we’ll be picking one of our favorites to highlight as the GraphGist of the week. If you want to get in on the fun, check out... Read more →



Neo Sponsors: OSCON 2014

Neo4j is proud to sponsor OSCON 2014 in Portland, Oregon. Our team, along with our friends at GraphAlchemist, will be at the conference in full force to talk about the field of Graph Databases and meet up with our great community in the area. We have a number of sessions scheduled throughout the conference and hope to see you at one or all! Always feel free to reach out to us at any point by... Read more →



#ShowMeYourGraph Twitter Contest

Graphs are everywhere, so show us yours! Submit your graph visualization via Twitter for a chance to win over $1000 in awesome prizes - including an iPad Air and a free pass to GraphConnect 2014 San Francisco! Tweet #ShowMeYourGraph with a link to your graph viz to enter the contest. Make sure to follow @GraphConnect and include the @GraphConnect Twitter handle in your tweet to guarantee... Read more →



GraphConnect SF Presenter Polyvore Featured in Fast Company

Polyvore is revolutionizing e-commerce. With their user-generated sets of products providing recommendations to other users, Polyvore is changing the way online shoppers discover new products. Scott Bonneau, Polyvore’s VP of Engineering, recently discussed the company’s ability to maintain company culture even while scaling up at an unprecedented pace in an article on He... Read more →



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