Due to CEO Demand, Neo4j 2.2 Features Ascii-Art Graph-Browser

One hidden gem of the latest Neo4j 2.2.0 release is the built-in Ascii-Art rendering of the Neo4j Browser. This ties in nicely with the similar iconographic syntax of our Cypher Query Lanuage. MATCH (neo:Database:Graph:NoSQL {name:"Neo4j"}), (emil:Person {name:"Emil"}) -->(neo), (johan:Person {name:"Johan"})-->(neo), (peter:Person {name:"Peter"})-->(neo) RETURN *... Read more →


Neo Technology Previews Latest “Matrix” Edition of Neo4j featuring BrainDump Import Facilities

SAN MATEO, Calif. – APRIL 1, 2015 – With 2015 being coined the “Year of the Brain” by the European Union and other initiatives, the timing is perfect for Neo Technology, creator of Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database, to announce the newest generation of the Neo4j Graph Database, codenamed "Matrix." This latest product offering exceeds today’s... Read more →


Top Ten Reasons for Choosing Neo4j

Top Ten Reasons for Choosing Neo4j Make sure you choose the right graph database for your project. 1. World’s Best and First Graph Database Neo4j is used by thousands of organizations, including 50+ of the Global 2000, in mission-critical production applications. Developed by the inventors of the modern graph database, Neo4j is the only graph database on Gartner’s Operational... Read more →



5 Big Small Things I Love About Neo4j 2.2

Originally posted on Rik's Blog Today, Neo4j 2.2 was released. It was a good day - and everyone at Neo was really excited. This was a big release. It was not an easy one, as we redid large parts of the plumbing for Neo4j - and still provide customers a smooth transition path. It's a pretty spectacular piece of software engineering, if you ask me - and it feels good to get that out the... Read more →



Neo4j 2.2.0 – Massive Write & Read Scalability, Faster Cypher Query Performance, Improved Developer Productivity

.marquee.blue.large h1 { font-size:25px } The Neo4j team is very proud to announce the the immediate availability of Neo4j 2.2, with major updates allowing organizations to derive maximum value from their data relationships. Our latest release represents an astounding 20+ person years’ worth of engineering effort on top of Neo4j 2.1, making version 2.2 a significant step forward... Read more →



Announcing Spring Data Neo4j 4.0!

Announcing Spring Data Neo4j... Read more →



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