Prototyping a Graph Database

Written by Rik Van Bruggen, Originally posted on his blog Prototyping a Graph Database Last night we did a great meetup in Amsterdam using a new, untested format. We had about 25-30 people attending, to try and prototype a graph database quickly and efficiently. You can find the slides (borrowed from earlier work done by the awesome Neo4j team, Ian Robinson most particularly) over here... Read more →



What’s New in RNeo4j

Written by Nicole White, originally posted on her blog. What's New in RNeo4j? RNeo4j is Neo4j's R driver - it allows you to quickly and easily interact with a Neo4j database from your R environment. Some recent updates to RNeo4j include: My contributions Functionality for retrieiving and handling paths Additional sample datasets Community contributions Open the Neo4j... Read more →



From the Community: November 2014

While we've been busy releasing a Neo4j milestone and cooling down after a successful GraphConnect, our community has been working away putting out some amazing material. We always love reading your blog posts and watching your videos, so let us know when you put them out there! Just tweet @Neo4j with any graph-related posts or things you want to share with us. Here are just a few of the... Read more →


How Medium Uses Neo4j

Webinar: How Medium Uses Neo4j   Further Reading: How Medium Goes Social by Tess Rinearson Running Concurrent Queries in GoSocial By Tess... Read more →


Neo4j 2.2 Milestone 1 Release

Better, Faster, and More Scalable Neo4j than ever before Neo4j 2.2 aims to be our fastest and most scalable release ever. With Neo4j 2.2 our engineering team introduces massive enhancements to the internal architecture resulting in higher performance and scalability. This first milestone (or beta release) pulls all of these new elements together, so that you can "dial it up to 11" with your... Read more →



Webinar: Using Load CSV in the Real World

Load CSV in the Real World Load CSV is an incredibly agile and useful tool for getting datasets large and small into Neo4j. In this live-coding session, Nicole will demonstrate the process of downloading a raw .csv file from the Internet and importing it into Neo4j. This will include cleaning the .csv file, visualizing a data model, and writing the Cypher query that will import the data. This... Read more →



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