GraphGist of the Week: August 29

Like we've said before, our community is doing some pretty great work. One of the best ways to start getting familiar with cypher, mapping data models, or just having some fun with Neo4j is through our GraphGist function. We've had tons of community members post amazing gists, and wanted to recognize the work they put into them by highlighting some of our favorites. Get started on your Gist... Read more →



How Graph Databases Can Power the Future of Recruitment

Originally posted on HRZone. Written by Emil Eifrem, speaker at GraphConnect 2014 SF and CEO of Neo Technology. How Graph Databases Can Power the Future of Recruitment They say it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. But the missing implication of that is the importance of who they know. The ways that we are all connected are broadly interesting in a “six degrees of Kevin Bacon”... Read more →



Four Things You Didn’t Know About Doctor Who

Originally posted on Buzzfeed. Find your own Doctor Who trivia by querying our sample database. Doctor Who is known as many things: a science-fiction institution, the stuff of nightmares for generations of British children and, for some, a route into graph databases!   As incongruous as it sounds the Doctor has helped numerous businesses into the world of graph databases. Back in... Read more →



From GraphConnect 2013 – A Startup’s Experience: Betting the Company on Neo4j

Aseem Kishore bet his company on Neo4j, and won. In the startup world there is often little room for error or second guessing. The technology you chose has to work, and it has to work well. With only a little experience using the graph database, Aseem Kishore and his co-founder chose Neo4j to power their social network and recommendation website, Thingdom, and ultimately took Neo to the... Read more →



GraphAlchemist Releases Alchemy.js 0.2.0

GraphAlchemist to sponsor GraphConnect 2014 SF and demo latest Alchemy.js release Written by Huston Hedinger, Founder and CEO of GraphAlchemist and originally posted on the GraphAlchemist blog. GraphAlchemist is a Neo Technology partner and provides data science and data visualization as a service. Alchemy.js just got a ton better and more usable. After our initial release and a patch... Read more →



From GraphConnect 2013: Mapping Monsters in Neo4j

Monsters and Fraud and Graphs, Oh My! From mapping social relationships, to detecting fraud, to troubleshooting a fantasy world full of monsters and quests, graphs truly are everywhere at Gamesys. As GraphConnect 2013 speaker Toby O’Rourke explains, the use of Neo4j spread around the online gaming community’s headquarters like wildfire. Beginning as a method of mapping and managing their... Read more →



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