Trekking Boldly into the Future: Going Who Knows Where in the Graph Space

Editor’s Note: Last October at GraphConnect San Francisco, Jim Webber – Chief Scientist at Neo Technology – delivered this very sciency closing keynote on the graph database landscape. For more videos from GraphConnect SF and to register for GraphConnect Europe, check out We’re going to talk about the future of... Read more →

Watch Jim Webber’s Very Sciency Keynote Presentation on the Graph Database Landscape


How to Monitor Neo4j-Based Application Performance with Ruxit [Community Post]

Over the past few years, Neo4j has become the standard for efficiently modeling graph-based data. In addition, the use of Node.js in building flexible service infrastructures on top of Neo4j graph databases and serving the necessary HTML and static resources enables developers to build great applications. As with other technologies, the data model and service design predetermines how... Read more →

Learn How Ruxit Helps You with Application Performance Monitoring with Neo4j Apps


How Graph Databases Ensure Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Where does sustainable competitive advantage come from? It’s not from data volume or velocities, but from the knowledge of data relationships. Even three years ago, you may not have given your database choice much thought – after all, if you had a crack team of database professionals and developers then you can always create the applications your business needs, right? Today,... Read more →

Learn about the Sustainable Competitive Advantage of Graph Databases


The 5-Minute Interview: David Colebatch, Co-Founder of xnlogic

This week’s 5-minute interview features David Colebatch, the co-founder of LightMesh and xnlogic (a Neo4j Solutions Partner). I caught up with David at GraphConnect San Francisco. Q: Can you talk to me about your first Neo4j project? David: My first Neo4j project was actually with the company we just saw talking as a solution partner. It was around the genetics. And it was a very large... Read more →

Catch This Week’s 5-Minute Interview with David Colebatch, Co-Founder of xnlogic


Meet Graph Commons: Network Mapping For Everyone

Graph Commons is a platform for collaborative network mapping to connect partial information and explore complex relations that impact us and our communities. Graph Commons members transform their data into graphs, discuss and publish interactive network maps dedicated to investigative journalism, civic data research, archive exploration and organizational analysis. Everyone finds a... Read more →

Learn How to Use Graph Commons for Collaborative Network Mapping and Graph Data Analysis


Improving My CLI’s Autocomplete with Markov Chains

For a while I've been working on cycli, a command-line interface (CLI) for Neo4j's Cypher query language. As demonstrated below, it autocompletes on your node labels, relationship types, property keys and Cypher keywords. The autocompletion of the lattermost in this list – Cypher keywords – is the focus of this post. Cycli after the Markov chain update. The Problem Originally,... Read more →

Learn How Nicole White Enhanced the Autocomplete Feature of Her CLI Using Markov Chains and Models



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