GraphConnect: A Twitter Recap

GraphConnect 2014 attendees took to twitter to share their excitement about the conference and the graph database space. Here's a look back at (some of) the cool things that stuck out during the day. For the full twitter feed, search the #GraphConnect hashtag. Thanks again to everyone who came out and made the day such a success. Looking forward now to GraphConnect 2015! Sketch-Notes on... Read more →



Graphgen: The Story and New Features

From the website. This post is an overview of how Graphgen started, how it has improved, and what is planned for the next weeks. For people who have┬ánot tried Graphgen yet, it is an online graph generation engine where you can describe your schema in a Cypher way, for example: (p:Person *35)-->(p) (p)-->(c:Company *7) will generate for you 35 Person nodes, 7... Read more →



Mix by Paper at GraphConnect

Mix Comes to GraphConnect Mix, the breakthrough new social collaboration platform from the makers of Paper, is coming to GraphConnect 2014 with full force. Mix allows Paper users to share ("mix") their Paper creations with other users, who can then fork those drawings and turn them into something all their own ("remix"). Using a backend powered by Neo4j, Mix makes collaborating and sharing... Read more →



Top 5 Reasons to Attend GraphConnect 2014 from Utpal Bhatt

GraphConnect is just around the corner, and time is running out to register! With the conference in sight, Utpal Bhatt, Vice President of Marketing for Neo Technology, gave us his top five reasons to attend the world's only conference on graph databases and applications. For more information on GraphConnect, visit 1) The transformative power of the Graph The cycle of disruption... Read more →



TomTom to Speak at GraphConnect

TomTom software engineer to speak at GraphConnect 2014 SF GraphConnect is excited to announce the addition of Pieter Cailliau to the list of speakers at this year's conference. Pieter is a Software Engineer at TomTom, the world's leader in location and navigation software. TomTom currently uses Neo4j to power their map quality assurance testing, to troubleshoot any geospatial logistical... Read more →



Flexible Neo4j Batch Import with Groovy

Written by Michael Hunger, originally posted on his blog. You might have data as CSV files to create nodes and relationships from in your Neo4j Graph Database. It might be a lot of data, like many tens of million lines. Too much for LOAD CSV to handle transactionally. Usually you can just fire up my batch-importer and prepare node and relationship files that adhere to its input... Read more →



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