Making Master Data Management Fun with Neo4j – Part 2

Written by Brian Underwood, originally posted on his blog. In my last post I said I would “bring in another data source, show how I linked the data together, and demonstrate the sort of bigger picture that one can get from this approach”. There’s a lot to talk about, so I’m going to break these each into different posts so that I can give them the proper attention. Adding GitHub In... Read more →

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Living the graph: how graph databases fit into everyday life

Originally posted on It is often said that time and tide stand still for no one. The same can be said for the world of enterprise IT – with new technologies constantly disrupting the comfort levels of even the most forward-thinking IT departments. Within the database management industry, we’re in the midst of a revolution as professionals seek to unlock business value... Read more →



Why Graph Databases are Perfect for the Internet of Things

Originally published for Silicon Angle Goldman Sachs recently posited that the Internet of Things, the so-called “Third Wave of the Internet,” will “transform the way we live and work” as it opens up “a host of new opportunities and challenges for companies, governments and consumers.” Meanwhile, Morgan Stanley recentlypredicted that within the next five... Read more →



Making Master Data Management Fun with Neo4j – Part 1

Written by Brian Underwood, originally posted on his blog Joining multiple disparate data-sources, commonly dubbed Master Data Management (MDM), is usually not a fun exercise. I would like to show you how to use a graph database (Neo4j) and an interesting dataset (developer-oriented collaboration sites) to make MDM an enjoyable experience. This approach will allow you to quickly and... Read more →

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Analyzing BitCoin Network Transactions with Neo4j

Besides helping our customers to be successful trying and using Neo4j, DC-based David Fauth is always on the lookout for interesting new datasets to analyze. Being a (big) data scientist and data analyst by heart, he excels in deriving new insights from existing data and explaining the intricate connections that reveal it. In previous installments he analyzed the FEC... Read more →



Neo4j: Building a topic graph with Prismatic Interest Graph API

Originally posted on Mark Needham's Blog Over the last few weeks I’ve been using various NLP libraries to derive topics for my corpus of How I met your mother episodes without success and was therefore enthused to see the release of Prismatic’s Interest Graph API The Interest Graph API exposes a web service to which you feed a block of text and get back a set of topics and associated... Read more →



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