GraphConnect Europe: Why you should skill up in Graph Databases

Originally posted on the eSynergySolutions Blog Graphs are everywhere. It’s going off. The speed of technological change is startling and with this change comes opportunity. In this blog, I will talk about the need to take notice and upskill in graph databases- in particular Neo4j. Why graph databases? 1) Relationships and recommendations It's all about relationships.... Read more →



GraphConnect Europe: Managing Connected Big Data in Art with Neo4j

Big Data in Art With the world of art as a use case, learn how to use Neo4j to do sentiment analysis, colour analysis and recommendations. Discover how Neo4j can manage Big Data directly and how new, interesting facts can be found by identifying connections between unexpectedly linked topics. Did you know that Vincent Van Gogh was inspired by Paul Rubens to use colors like carmine, cobalt, and... Read more →



GraphConnect Europe: Session Overview

We have a fantastic speaker line-up at GraphConnect Europe. Let’s take a closer look at the different tracks at GraphConnect Europe: Business Impact 12:00 - 12:30pm: "Predict Incidents with Neo4j" - Nicolas Rouyer, Software Developer, Orange How can Graphs help to supervise any (huge) information system, focusing on application flows and incidentology. Two use cases will demonstrate... Read more →



GraphConnect Europe: Monitoring Using ‘Big Data’ Tooling

Weather Monitoring with Neo4j Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) is the Netherlands’ national center for data and knowledge on weather, climate and seismology. Using a combination of Neo4j and Splunk, KNMI is implementing fully automated system for monitoring more than 60 interlinked operational (24/7) applications. The goal of the new system is to enable production chain... Read more →



Winners of the Neo4j GraphGist Winter Challenge 2015

Every time we ask our community to participate in one of our challenges to share interesting graph models and use-cases, we’re amazed at the quality and thoughtfulness of the submissions. This year was no exception and our Winter Challenge attracted 17 amazing entries. First of all thanks to everyone who invested time and effort and participated! Everyone is a winner and... Read more →



GraphConnect Europe: Superpowers for Recruitment

Great People, Great Projects. This is why we go to work. How can we help the recruitment industry find us the right job, and what can social network analysis tell us about how to build great teams and successful projects? In his presentation Superpowers for Recruitment, Matt Wright will use Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Ontology, Graph Analytics, Data Visualisation and the... Read more →



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