GraphAlchemist Releases Alchemy.js 0.2.0

GraphAlchemist to sponsor GraphConnect 2014 SF and demo latest Alchemy.js release Written by Huston Hedinger, Founder and CEO of GraphAlchemist and originally posted on the GraphAlchemist blog. GraphAlchemist is a Neo Technology partner and provides data science and data visualization as a service. Alchemy.js just got a ton better and more usable. After our initial release and a patch... Read more →


From GraphConnect 2013: Mapping Monsters in Neo4j

Monsters and Fraud and Graphs, Oh My! From mapping social relationships, to detecting fraud, to troubleshooting a fantasy world full of monsters and quests, graphs truly are everywhere at Gamesys. As GraphConnect 2013 speaker Toby O’Rourke explains, the use of Neo4j spread around the online gaming community’s headquarters like wildfire. Beginning as a method of mapping and managing their... Read more →


World of WarGraph

World of WarGraph Originally posted on Bruggen Blog Written by Rik Van Bruggen Today is August 4th, 2014. For most people, that date probably does not mean a lot - but for many people in Europe it probably does - especially if you are from Germany, Belgium, the UK, France - or any of the countries in Central/Western Europe. And for most people across the globe, it probably should mean more... Read more →



From Our Community: Graph Visualizations

Graphs are everywhere, so show us yours! A few weeks ago, Neo4j launched our #ShowMeYourGraph twitter contest in preparation for GraphConnect 2014 SF. In celebration of this, we thought we'd highlight some Graph Visualizations our community has produced. Take a look and get inspired! Want to submit your Graph Visualization? Check out our online resources, and create your graph. Tweet the... Read more →


From our Community: Best of July 2014

Our community of graphistas hit it out of the park once again by writing articles, creating graphgists and spreading the word about the power of graph databases. We’ve picked a few of our favorite community posts from the month of July to highlight. If you have blog posts, articles, presentations or anything you would like us to know about, send us the link on twitter and be sure to include... Read more →



What Can Banks Learn from Online Dating

Neo4j Co-Founder and GraphConnect speaker discusses the role of Graph databases in the future of finance Originally posted on Written by CEO of Neo Technology, Emil Eifrem At first glance, the idea that the banking or finance sector could learn a trick or two from the online dating industry is laughable. After all, while the former is heavily regulated, deeply complex and integral... Read more →



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