Using Neo4j for HR Analytics

Written by Rik Van Bruggen. Originally posted on his blog. Graphs for HR Analytics Recently, I had the pleasure of doing a talk at the Brussels Data Science meetup. Some really cool people there, with interesting things to say. My talk was about how graph databases like Neo4j can contribute to HR Analytics. Here are the slides of the talk: My basic points that I wanted to get... Read more →



Upload Your Data to Neo4j with RNeo4j and the Transactional Endpoint

Written by Nicole White, originally posted on her blog. Recently I've had several people ask how they can use RNeo4j to import data that they have stored either in a CSV file or R data object. The example I have in the documentation uses a very small data frame, but more realistically you'll have a data frame with several thousand rows. In that case, you'll want to upload the data in... Read more →



Neo4j.rb 3.0 Released

Written by Chris Grigg After hundreds of hours of work from numerous contributors over the past year, Neo4j.rb, the ActiveRecord replacement for Ruby on Rails and Rack frameworks, has been released! This new version, a complete rewrite of the entire gem, is an exciting relaunch that offers the perfect experience for anyone looking to use Neo4j in their app. You can find it on Github... Read more →

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GraphGist of the Week: September 26

GraphGist of the Week: September 26 This week's highlighted GraphGist is Neo4Art: Van Gogh’s journey in a Neo4j graph DB, by Lorenzo Speranzoni! Lorenzo uses Neo4j to map Van Gogh's life - where and when all his art was painted, his influencers, and where his art is stored now. Lorenzo recently presented Neo4Art at SpringOne Conference in Dallas, as a way to show off Spring Data Neo4j... Read more →

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Five Non-Technical Reasons You Need to Be at GraphConnect 2014

Five non-technical reasons why you don't want to miss out on GraphConnect 2014 SF, the only conference on graph databases and applications: The Locale Situated in the heart of San Francisco, SFJAZZ is home to some of the coolest cats in the Bay Area and beyond. Showcasing performances from the best jazz musicians from around the world, the SFJAZZ Center is looking forward this year to the... Read more →



DevCast: Neo4j, It’s all about relations

Neo4j Field Engineer, David Montag, recently showcased on DevCast From DevCast: “One SQL Database to rule them all” is not the answer today in a complex world of data. Data is exploding and this kind of data sometimes need new kind of databases. Neo4j is a graph database, or should I say, the database that defines graph databases. Graph databases is all about relationships between... Read more →



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