Graph Databases for Beginners: ACID vs. BASE Explained

When it comes to NoSQL databases, data consistency models can sometimes be strikingly different than those used by relational databases (as well as quite different from other NoSQL stores). The two most common consistency models are known by the acronyms ACID and BASE. While they’re often pitted against each other in a battle for ultimate victory, the fact remains that both consistency... Read more →

Learn the Primary Differences between the ACID and BASE Data Consistency Models


Visualizing Your Graph with RNeo4j

.main-container { max-width: 940px; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; } code { color: inherit; background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.04); } img { max-width:100%; height: auto; } If you work with both R and Neo4j, you can easily visualize your graph or subsets of your graph using the RNeo4j, igraph, and visNetwork... Read more →

Learn How to Visualize Your Graph Data with RNeo4j


Import 10M Stack Overflow Questions into Neo4j In Just 3 Minutes

I want to demonstrate how you can take the Stack Overflow dump and quickly import it into Neo4j. After that, you’re ready to querying the graph for more insights and then possibly build an application on top of that dataset. If you want to follow along, we have a running (readonly) Neo4j server with the data available here. But first things first: Congratulations to Stack Overflow for being... Read more →

Learn How We Imported 10 Million Stack Overflow Questions into Neo4j in Just 3 Minutes


The Top 10 Reasons You Should Attend GraphConnect San Francisco

GraphConnect San Francisco is happening this year on October 21st and while tons of hackers and developers will be there, it’s definitely for more than than just those who speak 4+ computer languages. Here are at least 10 solid reasons why you should attend (whether or not you’re a developer): 10. The Location San Francisco’s Pier 27 has perhaps the most stunning views of the... Read more →

Learn the Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Attend GraphConnect San Francisco


Graph Databases for Beginners: Why We Need NoSQL Databases

As the problems with SQL-based relational databases have become all to clear, there’s been a meteoric rise in the popularity of a new family of data storage technologies known as NoSQL. NoSQL is a cheeky acronym for Not Only SQL – or more confrontationally – No to SQL. But the term “NoSQL” only defines what these data stores are not, rather than what they are. In this “Graph... Read more →

Learn Why We Need the Diverse and Emerging World of NoSQL Databases


Spreadsheets Are Graphs Too! [GraphConnect Recap]

Editor’s Note: Last May at GraphConnect Europe, Felienne Hermans – Assistant Professor at Delft University of Technology – gave this engaging talk on why you shouldn’t overlook the power of the humble spreadsheet. Listen to or read her presentation below. Register for GraphConnect San Francisco to hear more speakers like Felienne present on the emerging world of graph database... Read more →

Listen to Felienne Hermans’ Talk at GraphConnect Europe on Why Spreadsheets Are Graphs Too



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