The Rise of Graph Marketing

What do bees and marketing have in common? It’s all about connections. Marketing professionals and executives have a lot to learn from a beehive, says CEO of Beehaus co-founder Jeremi Karnell. Connections and networks drive the spread of information in a beehive, like in our highly connected world. By improving the spread of information through networks, marketers can harness the power... Read more →


GraphGist of the Week: July 28 – August 1

GraphGist: Modeling Food Recommendations We take great pride in our community of out-of-this-world graphistas. Every week members new and old show off their Cypher-prowess through GraphGists – Asciidoc files rendered in our browser. Every week we like to highlight one of these GraphGists, and recognize the awesome graphista who created it. This week’s GraphGist of the Week is “Food... Read more →

Food Recommendations Gist


O’Reilly: Graph tools forge path to new solutions

O'Reilly recently published an article on their blog highlighting the exciting world of graph databases. In a highly connected world – where it’s not what you know but whom you know – it makes intuitive sense to arrange our knowledge as nodes and edges... The most modern instantiations of graphs–the Neo4j store and the Alchemy.js tool for interactively visualizing graphs–were... Read more →



Using Knowledge Graphs to Unlock Consumer Data

Graphs are changing the face of consumer analytics. Neo4j customer Pitney Bowes knows the power of a graph database. A recent blog post on their corporate site details how graph databases can help companies unlock vital customer insights. Navin Sharma, Vice President of Product Management - Data Management and Analytics at Pitney Bowes says that “What makes a business smart is how agile... Read more →



OSCON Twitter Graph

As a part of Neo4j’s community engagement around OSCON, we wanted to look at the social media activity of the attendees on Twitter. Working with the Twitter Search API and searching for mentions of “OSCON”, we wanted to create a graph of Users, Tweets, Hashtags and shared Links. The Twitter Search API returns a list of tweets matching a supplied search term. We then... Read more →

Neo4j Twitter Graph Visualization


Watch Jim Webber at GraphConnect SF 2013

Dr. Jim Webber knows how to capture an audience’s attention. With a combination of memes, anecdotes and language unfit for a royal audience, Jim has enraptured audiences around the world with his presentations on Neo4j and graph databases. In this video from his keynote at GraphConnect 2013 San Francisco, Jim does exactly that while referencing important cultural icons like Doctor Who... Read more →



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