Graph Databases for Beginners: Why We Need NoSQL Databases

As the problems with SQL-based relational databases have become all to clear, there’s been a meteoric rise in the popularity of a new family of data storage technologies known as NoSQL. NoSQL is a cheeky acronym for Not Only SQL – or more confrontationally – No to SQL. But the term “NoSQL” only defines what these data stores are not, rather than what they are. In this “Graph... Read more →

Learn Why We Need the Diverse and Emerging World of NoSQL Databases


Spreadsheets Are Graphs Too! [GraphConnect Recap]

Editor’s Note: Last May at GraphConnect Europe, Felienne Hermans – Assistant Professor at Delft University of Technology – gave this engaging talk on why you shouldn’t overlook the power of the humble spreadsheet. Listen to or read her presentation below. Register for GraphConnect San Francisco to hear more speakers like Felienne present on the emerging world of graph database... Read more →

Listen to Felienne Hermans’ Talk at GraphConnect Europe on Why Spreadsheets Are Graphs Too


Mapping the PMBOK Standard as a Graph Database

Within the project management community, the Project Management Body of Knowledge® (PMBOK) Standard, published by the Project Management Institute (PMI®), is a well-known compilation of project management best practices. Its earliest versions (back in 1980) were organized by knowledge areas, groups of processes and processes with inputs and outputs. Even then, there were some... Read more →

Learn how José Machicao mapped the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Standard with a graph database in order to manage dependent processes.


The Spring Data Neo4j 4.0.0.RC2 Release Is Here!

Today, we would like to announce the release of Spring Data Neo4j 4.0.0.RC2. The Neo4j OGM framework on which it is based is also in its second version, 1.1.1 As we get closer to general availability, we’re happy to report that a lot of progress has been made on stabilizing version 4.0. 4.0.0.RC2 now integrates nicely with Spring Data REST and Spring’s ConversionService. It also... Read more →

Discover What’s New with Spring Data Neo4j 4 in This New 4.0.0.RC2 Release


Graph Databases for Beginners: Why a Database Query Language Matters

Finding the best database for your application or development stack is about more than just features, scalability and performance. While all of those are essential, there’s another element of a graph database too many architects overlook: the database query language. Most relational databases (RDBMS) use a variant of SQL (Structured Query Language), making SQL the de facto database query... Read more →

Learn Why Your Database Query Language Matters More Than You Think in This Graph Databases for Beginners Series


Don’t Let an RDBMS Sabotage Your Query Performance

It’s true that relational databases have their perfect use cases. For consistent, tabular data whose schema rarely changes, an RDBMS solution might be the perfect fit. But what about if your data is highly interconnected? Or if your database schema is regularly changed and updated as your application evolves? If either of these questions describe your current database situation, then... Read more →

Discover Why an RDBMS Is Sabotaging Your Database Query Performance



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