Uncovering Open Source Community Stories with Neo4j [Community Post]

Every dataset has a story to tell -- we just need the right tools to find it. At Graph Story, we believe that graph databases are one of the best tools for finding the story in your data. Because we are also active members of several open source communities, we wanted to find interesting stories about those communities. So, we decided to look at package ecosystems used by developers. The... Read more →

Learn How Ed Finkler at Graph Story Used Neo4j to Uncover Open Source Community Stories and Trends


Cypher: LOAD JSON from URL AS Data

Neo4j’s query language Cypher supports loading data from CSV directly but not from JSON files or URLs. Almost every site offers some kind of API or endpoint that returns JSON and we can also query many NOSQL databases via HTTP and get JSON responses back. It’s quite useful to be able to ingest document structured information from all those different sources into a more usable graph... Read more →

Discover How to LOAD JSON Files from URLs AS Graph-Ready Data


Visualize Your Social Data Quickly and Easily with Neo4j [Community Post]

Connecting your social media accounts with Neo4j is perhaps one of the most exciting ways to visualize your social data. After all, it’s a great experience to look at the relationships between your liked pages on Facebook or your entire Twitter history and see them all as an interactive graph where you can click and explore each node for more related information. So, how can you take... Read more →

Learn How to Quickly and Easily Visualize Your Social Data Using Neo4j


5 Sure Signs It’s Time to Give Up Your Relational Database

Despite advances in computing, faster processors and high-speed networks, the performance of relational database applications is becoming slower and slower. These performance problems are happening because of the rapid growth not only in the volume and velocity of data, but in its variety, complexity, and interconnectedness – that is, the data relationships inherent in any dataset. The... Read more →

Learn These 5 Sure Signs and Symptoms It’s Time to Give Up on Your Relational Database


Graph Databases for Beginners: Why Graphs Are the Future

So you’ve heard about graph databases and you want to know what all the buzz is about. Are they just a passing trend – here today and gone tomorrow – or are they a rising tide your business and your development team can’t afford to pass up? In short: Graph databases are the future, and even if you’re just a beginner, it’s never too late to get started. In this “Graph Databases... Read more →

Learn Why Graphs Are the Future in this Graph Databases for Beginners Blog Series


Neo4j & the REST API from Java When Authentication Is Required [Community Post]

Based on "The Neo4j v2.3.0-M01 Manual" manual under 7.1 How to use the REST API from Java, I've developed the same example program using Jersey library (2.19). The goal of this example is to use the REST API from Java when auth is required. The Jersey Client API reuses many aspects of the JAX-RS and the Jersey implementation. To utilize the client API, you first need to build an instance of... Read more →

Learn about Neo4j and the REST API from Java When Authentication Is Required



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