5 Quick Steps to Get Started with Neo4j 2.2.3 on Windows OS [Community Post]

Let’s face the facts: Not every developer works on a Mac. For those of you who make Bill Gates proud (sorry, Steve), you can still enjoy all the benefits of Neo4j. In fact, installing Neo4j 2.2.3 on Windows OS is simple. In this week’s community post, I’m going to walk you through how to set up Neo4j on a Windows-based machine as well as how to switch databases using the launcher... Read more →

Follow These Five Quick Steps to Get Started with Neo4j 2.2.3 on Windows OS


The Secret to More Efficient Data Science with Neo4j and R [OSCON Preview]

It’s a sad but true fact: Most data scientists spend 50-80% of their time cleaning and munging data and only a fraction of their time actually building predictive models. This is most often true in a traditional stack, where most of this data munging consists of writing lines upon lines of some flavor of SQL, leaving little time for model-building code in statistical programming languages... Read more →

Learn the Secret to More Efficient, Open-Source Data Science by Using Neo4j and R


Giving WordPress Some Relationship Advice with Neo4j [Community Post]

Ever wondered how to make WordPress even more powerful when it comes to custom post types? Ever struggled to query how different custom post types were related to one another? In this week's community post, Tim Nash shows you how to use Neo4j to give WordPress relationship advice. So, how do you get Neo4j working with WordPress? Neo4j has a REST API interface, along with a couple of... Read more →

Tim Nash Explains How to More Efficiently Query Custom Post Types in WordPress Using Neo4j


From the Community: May 2015

May was a busy month for the Neo4j community. Not only was there GraphConnect Europe, but graphistas across the globe were busy writing loads of community contributions about Neo4j. Follow us on Twitter to see more posts from our amazing community and tag us using the #Neo4j hashtag if you want your work to be featured in June's the "From the Community" listing. Here's what kept our... Read more →

First-Hand Help at the GraphClinic at GraphConnect Europe Sponsored by Neo4j


Polyglot Persistence Case Study: Wanderu + Neo4j + MongoDB

Every language and data storage solution has its strengths. After all, no single solution is most performant and cost-effective for every possible task in your application. In order to tap into the varying strengths of different data storage solutions, your application needs to take advantage of polyglot persistence. That’s exactly what Wanderu did when building their meta-search travel... Read more →

Solution Architectural Diagram of Polyglot Persistence for Wanderu between Neo4j and MongoDB


New on Neo4j: The Neo4j 2.3.0 Milestone 2 Release Is Here

If you haven’t heard already, the Neo4j 2.3 Milestone 2 release is now available. (Full disclosure: This milestone release is for development and experimentation only since not all features are in their finalized form. Click here to download the fully stable version of Neo4j 2.2.2.) As we continue to develop Neo4j 2.3, we want to make Neo4j more scalable and efficient in handling your... Read more →

Learn More About The Neo4j 2.3 Milestone 2 Release


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