JCypher: Focus on Your Domain Model, Not How to Map It to the Database [Community Post]

Software developers around the world spend a significant amount of their time struggling with database related problems instead of concentrating on the implementation of domain models and business logic. The idea of orthogonal persistence together with approaches of modern ORMs (Object Relational Mappers) have eased this pain to some degree, but when it comes to performing queries on... Read more →

JCypher Allows You to Focus on Your Domain Model Instead of Mapping It to the Database


Bootstrapping a Recommendation Engine with Neo4j [OSCON Preview]

Timely, relevant recommendations are the bedrock of business success. No matter whether your startup needs to generate social, retail, logistics or content recommendations, you need a recommendation engine that delivers those perfectly appropriate suggestions in real time. Since you’re trying to build something innovative, it isn’t wise to use a plug-and-play recommendation engine –... Read more →

Learn How to Bootstrap a Recommendation Engine with Neo4j


Neo4j Java Object Graph Mapper 1.1.0 Released

Many of you might be aware of the effort, we’re putting behind the Spring Data Neo4j 4.0 development with our partner GraphAware. What you may not know, is that we learned from the past and separated the Graph Object Mapping functionality from the Spring Data project. Today we want to publicly announce the availability of version 1.1.0 of this library which allows you to use Object Graph... Read more →

Learn about the New Release of the Neo4j Java Object Graph Mapper 1.1.0


The Neo4j-Slack Integration You’ve Been Waiting For (Is Here)

Our colleague Andreas, who loves Slack and brought it into our company, suggested the other day that we could build a Slack and Neo4j integration to demonstrate how useful a graph database backend would be. And, of course, how much fun. In the process of making the integration, we came up with some surprisingly useful benefits. More below. Building Blocks As it was only midnight... Read more →

Read All about Our Neo4j-Slack Integration That Generates Recommended Channels to Other Users


5 Quick Steps to Get Started with Neo4j 2.2.3 on Windows OS [Community Post]

Let’s face the facts: Not every developer works on a Mac. For those of you who make Bill Gates proud (sorry, Steve), you can still enjoy all the benefits of Neo4j. In fact, installing Neo4j 2.2.3 on Windows OS is simple. In this week’s community post, I’m going to walk you through how to set up Neo4j on a Windows-based machine as well as how to switch databases using the launcher... Read more →

Follow These Five Quick Steps to Get Started with Neo4j 2.2.3 on Windows OS


The Secret to More Efficient Data Science with Neo4j and R [OSCON Preview]

It’s a sad but true fact: Most data scientists spend 50-80% of their time cleaning and munging data and only a fraction of their time actually building predictive models. This is most often true in a traditional stack, where most of this data munging consists of writing lines upon lines of some flavor of SQL, leaving little time for model-building code in statistical programming languages... Read more →

Learn the Secret to More Efficient, Open-Source Data Science by Using Neo4j and R


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