The 5-Minute Interview: Brad Brech, CTO of Solutions, IBM

This week’s 5-minute interview is with Brad Brech, the CTO of Solutions at IBM. I caught up with Brad for a video interview at GraphConnect San Francisco. Q: Please tell us what you do at IBM and a little bit about your favorite projects. Brad: I’m the CTO of Solutions for IBM Power Systems, but I’m an engineer at heart and so my... Read more →

Catch This Week’s 5-Minute Interview with Brad Brech, the CTO of Solutions at IBM


From Idea to App Store: The Neo4j Story of Traverse Mobile [Community Post]

Where We Got the Idea for Traverse Our co-founder was inspired to build Traverse Mobile while on a backpacking trip to Thailand in 2011. After spending two nights in the elephant jungles of Chiang Mai with a strange – but inspiring and contagiously fun – group of tourists and locals, he left with more than great memories and a rolodex of friends from around the world. He had pages... Read more →

Learn How Traverse Mobile Went from Idea to Beta Release in the App Store Using Neo4j


Query Your World with Cypher: Focus on Data Relationships

Editor’s Note: Last October at GraphConnect San Francisco, Nicole White – Data Scientist at Neo Technology – delivered this presentation on how to write Cypher queries for your most common connected-data questions. For more videos from GraphConnect SF and to register for GraphConnect Europe, check out Cypher:... Read more →

Watch Nicole White Present on How to Query Your World with Cypher: Neo4j’s Graph Query Language


Neo4j Data Encryption with OGM [Community Post]

Intro Security is a fact of modern life and, as a direct result, a fact of modern software. While all non-trivial systems require at least some basic level of functional protection, how much security is appropriate is typically driven by the system's actors and use cases as well as the value of the information to be protected. While Neo4j does not currently deal with data encryption... Read more →

Learn about Data Encryption for Neo4j using the Object Graph Mapping (OGM) Library


Neolytics: Analyzing Ruby Code with Neo4j

For a long time I’ve been wanting to use Neo4j as a tool to analyze Ruby code. Using Ruby for almost a decade, I have a lot of experience with effectively finding my way around Ruby code. Still, Ruby programs can be very dynamic and thus tools are always welcome. As I’ve begun to use Neo4j, I’ve been inspired by code analysis tools such as joern and jQAssistant as well as Aaron... Read more →

Learn How to Analyze Your Ruby Code Using Neo4j and Neolytics


The 5-Minute Interview: Aseem Kishore, FiftyThree

This week’s 5-minute interview is with Aseem Kishore. Aseem is the Web Engineering Lead at FiftyThree, the makers of the popular iOS app, Paper. I sat down to chat with Aseem at GraphConnect San Francisco. Q: Talk to me about how Paper uses Neo4j. Aseem: Paper is an app for capturing your ideas, but it also has a lot of social and collaboration features built into it. It allows you to... Read more →

Catch This Week’s 5-Minute Interview with Aseem Kishore of FiftyThree



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