GraphGist of the Week: September 19

GraphGist of the Week! This week's GraphGist of the Week goes out to iKwattro for his GitHub Events Analysis with Neo4j. He used data from the 3rd annual GitHub Data Challenge to take a deep dive into GitHub events using Neo4j. With a few lines of cypher he was able to see everything from "Which repository was most forked" to "the average number of comments on a PR before a PR is merged." Well... Read more →


Reshipping scams and network visualization

GraphConnect 2014 Sponsor, Linkurious, discuses mapping fraud with Neo4jOriginally posted on the Linkurious blogDrug lords are not the only persons using mules to launder money. eCommerce operations are confronted to “reshipping scams”. In these scams, mules are used by online fraudsters to turn their credit cards into actual goods. Graphs can help detect this fraud. When a job ad turns you... Read more →



Structr Releases Next Generation Data-CMS

Structr 1.0: The Next Generation Data-CMS run on Neo4j Originally posted on the Structr blog With version 1.0 of Structr, an open-source software based on the graph database Neo4j, the first GA (general availability) version has been released. Structr simplifies the creation of mobile and web applications by providing functionality for access control, managing users, files and images, as well... Read more →



Deep Learning Sentiment Analysis for Movie Reviews using Neo4j

Written by Neo4j Developer Evangelist, Kenny Bastani. Originally posted on his blog Deep Learning Sentiment Analysis for Movie Reviews using Neo4j Sentiment analysis uses natural language processing to extract features of a text that relate to subjective information found in source materials. Movie Review Sentiment Analysis A movie review website allows users to submit reviews describing... Read more →



Recommend or Perish

Written by Neo Technology's Vice President of Marketing, Utpal Bhatt. "Recommend or Perish" should be the new maxim for companies selling products or services online. It has been said many times before that in this brave new flat world, where the traditional sources of competitive advantage are disappearing rapidly, big data and the associated analytics will come to the rescue. Well, its... Read more →

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From the Community: Best of August 2014

From the Community:  August 2014 We’ve had a ton of great community contributions throughout the summer, below are just a few from the month of August! If you have a contribution to include, always be sure to tweet @Neo4j with a link! Books! Learning Neo4j -- Rik Van Bruggen Blog Posts The Number 1 Neo4j Beginners Mistake -- Chris von Csefalvay Import Summarized -- Rik Van... Read more →



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