Winners of the Neo4j GraphGist Winter Challenge 2015

Every time we ask our community to participate in one of our challenges to share interesting graph models and use-cases, we’re amazed at the quality and thoughtfulness of the submissions. This year was no exception and our Winter Challenge attracted 17 amazing entries. First of all thanks to everyone who invested time and effort and participated! Everyone is a winner and... Read more →



GraphConnect Europe: Superpowers for Recruitment

Great People, Great Projects. This is why we go to work. How can we help the recruitment industry find us the right job, and what can social network analysis tell us about how to build great teams and successful projects? In his presentation Superpowers for Recruitment, Matt Wright will use Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Ontology, Graph Analytics, Data Visualisation and the... Read more →



From The Community: March 2015

Our From The Community series features blogs, articles, and projects from around the web about Neo4j. If you'd like to see your post featured, tweet to us at @Neo4j, or use the hashtag #Neo4j. Graphs Are Everywhere Featured Neo4j posts from around the web Walking in a Graph Database and the Meaning it Holds By  Alex Williams and Mark Boyd How Neo4j Helped Increase Performance By... Read more →



GraphConnect Europe: Spring Data Neo4j

Explore Spring Data Neo4j GraphConnect Europe is excited to announce the addition of a Spring Data Neo4j (SDN) session. The popular open-source library enables automatic mapping of Java domain hierarchies to and from Neo4j graphs. It has been completely re-designed to achieve maximum performance with standalone Neo4j server deployments.   Spring Data Neo4j has introduced a number of... Read more →


Introducing the new Cypher Query Optimizer

Written by Petra Selmer, Neo4j Developer. Introducing the new Cypher Query Optimizer You’ll have seen the excitement around the Neo4j 2.2 Release, and might have seen a few items about the Cypher query language. We in the Cypher team are delighted that our new Cypher Query Optimizer, codenamed ‘Ronja’, has been a big part of the release, and we’d love to share some of the details with... Read more →

Petra Selmer


Webinar Follow-Up: RDBMS To Graph

First of all thanks so much for attending the webinar or now reading up on what I spoke about. We got an overwhelming number of questions which we couldn’t all answer in the short time. That’s why we want to follow up here, answering those questions and also providing access to the webinar recording and the slides of the presentation. Introduction to Neo4j & Graph... Read more →



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