From the Community: April 2015

April was an exciting month for our community. Thanks to everyone who contributed interesting and graph-tastic posts! Below are just a few of the many things our community contributed. If you would like to see more posts from our amazing graphistas or be featured on our From The Community blog posts, be sure to follow us on twitter and tweet a link to your work including the Neo4j... Read more →



On Graphs: An Interview with Emil Eifrem

Originally posted on“The IoT will have many, many trillions of connections, particularly considering it’s not just the devices that are connected, but people, organizations, applications, and the underlying network” –Emil Eifrem. Q1. Michael Blaha said in an interview: “The key is the distinction between being occurrence-oriented and schema-oriented. For traditional... Read more →



Using XRebel 2 with Neo4j

Originally posted on Better Software Development At Spring.IO in Barcelona I met my pal Oleg from ZeroTurnaround and we looked at how the newXRebel 2 integrates with Neo4j, especially with the remote access using the transactional Cypher http-endpoint. As you probably know, Neo4j currently offers a remoting API based on HTTP requests (a new binary protocol is in development). Our... Read more →



GraphConnect Europe: Why you should skill up in Graph Databases

Originally posted on the eSynergySolutions Blog Graphs are everywhere. It’s going off. The speed of technological change is startling and with this change comes opportunity. In this blog, I will talk about the need to take notice and upskill in graph databases- in particular Neo4j. Why graph databases? 1) Relationships and recommendations It's all about relationships.... Read more →



GraphConnect Europe: Managing Connected Big Data in Art with Neo4j

Big Data in Art With the world of art as a use case, learn how to use Neo4j to do sentiment analysis, colour analysis and recommendations. Discover how Neo4j can manage Big Data directly and how new, interesting facts can be found by identifying connections between unexpectedly linked topics. Did you know that Vincent Van Gogh was inspired by Paul Rubens to use colors like carmine, cobalt, and... Read more →



GraphConnect Europe: Session Overview

We have a fantastic speaker line-up at GraphConnect Europe. Let’s take a closer look at the different tracks at GraphConnect Europe: Business Impact 12:00 - 12:30pm: "Predict Incidents with Neo4j" - Nicolas Rouyer, Software Developer, Orange How can Graphs help to supervise any (huge) information system, focusing on application flows and incidentology. Two use cases will demonstrate... Read more →



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