Webinar: Using Load CSV in the Real World

Load CSV in the Real World Load CSV is an incredibly agile and useful tool for getting datasets large and small into Neo4j. In this live-coding session, Nicole will demonstrate the process of downloading a raw .csv file from the Internet and importing it into Neo4j. This will include cleaning the .csv file, visualizing a data model, and writing the Cypher query that will import the data. This... Read more →



The Graph Epiphany: Your Stories

Moments of Graph-Clarity Recently, hacker and engineer at Medium, Tess Rinearson, wrote a piece about how Medium uses Neo4j to power their social functions. In it, she explains why Medium chose Neo4j, and how it uses Neo alongside GoSocial in an easy and agile way. It makes a lot of sense to store social data in a graph database. Medium users, posts and collections are represented by graph... Read more →



Py2neo 2.0, Unleashed!

Written by Nigel Small, Senior Engineer at Neo Technology Py2neo 2.0, Unleashed! It's been over three years since I first began work on py2neo. If memory serves, the first version was written for Neo4j 1.3 and consisted of barely more than a few lines of hastily-thrown-together Python code. Neo4j has obviously evolved considerably since then and now boasts labels, a schemaand Cypher... Read more →



KeyLines: Graphing GitHub

Originally Posted on the KeyLines Blog A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to speak about KeyLines and graph visualization at GraphConnect SF 2014. The 700+ graphistas in attendance needed no convincing about the power of graphs. The “Graphs are everywhere” maxim has long settled into the collective conscious of theNeo4j community, sparking a whole ecosystem of startups, services... Read more →



Neo4j + Docker + CoreOS, a (Gentle) Guided Introduction

Written by Nick Manning, co-founder of Swig, a community for drinking enthusiasts powered by Neo4j, originally posted on his blog. Neo4j + Docker + CoreOS, a (Gentle) Guided Introduction I'd like to share with everyone how awesome CoreOS is for leveraging Docker. We use this set up for our search proxy here at Swig. (a community for drink enthusiasts for iOS and Android) Neo4j is used as our... Read more →



Neo Technology debuts on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management (ODBMS)

We made it. For the first time, industry research firm Gartner has opened the door for graph databases to be included in its Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management System (ODBMS) and we are thrilled to be the only graph database vendor to meet their stringent qualifications. Positioning Neo4j along with other impactful database management companies clearly validates our ability... Read more →



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