Choosing Neo4j

Originally posted on Medium A summary of scenarios and benefits, told through customer stories. Neo4j is a graph database. According to independent site, as of December 2014 graph databases are by far the fastest growing database segment. Neo4j is relied on by companies like eBay, HP, Cisco, Medium, Walmart, Johnson & Johnson, TechCrunch, and countless... Read more →



Neo4j Named 2015 Technology of the Year by InfoWorld

Neo4j, the world's leading graph database, has been named as a 2015 Technology of the year by InfoWorld Last year brought many successes as we grew and strengthened the three things we hold dearest: Our product, our community, and our personnel. We want to thank everyone who has helped make Neo4j all that it is today, and look forward to working with you and for you to make 2015 an even... Read more →

InfoWorld Neo4j 2015


Building a Python Web Application Using Flask and Neo4j

Flask, a popular Python web framework, has many tutorials available online which use an SQL database to store information about the website’s users and their activities.  While SQL is a great tool for storing information such as usernames and passwords, it is not so great at allowing you to find connections among your users for the purposes of enhancing your website’s social... Read more →



How to use phone calls to identify criminals?

Originally posted on the Linkurious Blog Call records are a great source of information on real life networks. We are going to see how graph technologies can be used to analyse these records in order to find potential criminals. That article has been written with the assistance of Ashley Englefield, Detective in California and instructor at Police Technical. How to use phone calls to... Read more →



GraphGist Winter Challenge

Last year we had an amazing turnout for our Winter GraphGist challenge, and received more than 65 submissions across 10 categories. Many of them were truly astonishing, which made it hard for us to select the winners. Now we want to give you again the chance to show off your graph modeling and Cypher skills. So please don’t hesitate to grab a domain or use-case that fits... Read more →


Mix by FiftyThree named Best Mobile App of 2014 by Fast Company

Congratulations to FiftyThree, makers of Paper, Pencil and Mix for being named one of the Best Mobile Apps of 2014 by Fast Company! Mix, released last year, allows users to add to the designs of others and make them their own, creating a social world within the Paper application. Here's what FastCompany said of the app: Mix FiftyThree developed an app called Paper that made drawing on the iPad... Read more →



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