2.3. Mac OS installation

This section describes how to install Neo4j on Mac OS.

Neo4j Server can be run as a console application or as a service.

2.3.1. Unix console application

  1. Download the latest release from http://neo4j.com/download/.

    Select the appropriate tar.gz distribution for your platform.

  2. Extract the contents of the archive, using tar -xf <filename>

    Refer to the top-level extracted directory as: NEO4J_HOME

  3. Change directory to: $NEO4J_HOME

    Run ./bin/neo4j console

  4. Stop the server by typing Ctrl-C in the console.

When Neo4j runs in console mode, logs are printed to the Terminal.

2.3.2. Mac OS service

Use the standard Mac OS system tools to create a service based on the neo4j command.