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White Paper: Fraud Detection

Fraud Detection: Discovering Connections with Graph Databases

Graph databases offer new methods of uncovering fraud rings and other sophisticated scams with a high-level of accuracy, and are capable of stopping advanced fraud scenarios in real-time. Get the White Paper »


Bloor Group Product Watch: The Rise of the Graph Database

Nowhere is the case for NoSQL more solid than with graph databases like from Neo Technology. With graph queries you tend to want to navigate your way through a network of connections. Many, if not all of which, might be exactly the same kind of entity, such as a person, as illustrated in the graph, which shows a simple data network of customer information. Get the White Paper »

NoSQL, Big Data, and Graphs

NoSQL, Big Data, and Graphs

It used to be that databases were just tasked with digitizing forms and automating business processes. The data was often tabular – take an accounting ledger, for example –and the processes being modeled were reasonably static. Today, the types of data that we are interested in are much more diverse and dynamic. Get the White Paper »


Scaling with Neo4j

Scalability means different things to different people. The Neo4j scalability package is known as high availability, or HA. This whitepaper helps you understand what it means to scale with Neo4j, and what HA provides. Get the White Paper »