Applicants: Please apply via LinkedIn.

Location: Malmö, Sweden only Here at Neo Technology, makers of the world’s leading graph database Neo4j, we’re looking for software engineers with a passion for computing science. If you’re a recent graduate with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computing Science (or similar) or have up to 3 years of software development experience under your belt, and if you enjoy data structures, algorithms, concurrent programming and want to help grow Neo4j into the world’s leading database then we should talk. As a software engineer at Neo Technology you’ll be working in the core of Neo4j. Based at our engineering HQ in Malmö, Sweden, and with an exceptional international team that stretches from New Zealand to Silicon Valley you’ll be working with some of the smartest, most varied and fun people in the industry. If this sounds like you, then get in touch and tell us about yourself. You’ll bring top-notch understanding of data structures, algorithms, concurrent programming and distributed systems. You’ll also bring a sense of unrivalled curiosity and an urge to solve real research problems. We’ll work with you on techniques like Test-Driven Development, pair programming and mechanical sympathy while tackling on some of the most fascinating and challenging aspects of database research and development. We’re an open source company, and so you’ll be working on GitHub alongside some awesome open source contributors. You’ll be coding mostly in Java (with a little JavaScript and Scala) so reasonable fluency in Java is a must. You’ll need a warm and fun attitude and a sense of exploration since Neo4j is going places no software has gone before, and it’s going to be a thrilling ride.  



giri says:

I am interested in this position, i am senior engineer working on java in Bangalore India,


I am a proficient java developer and fluent with java,ESB(jboss),Jbpm,drools,hibernate,Mysql,Jpa,Bussiness intelligence,primefaces and i want to learn and grow with neo4j currently I am in UK serving a client


jag bor her i tom Kyle, som er nærmere Malmø (143 Miles) end München (432 Miles). Hvad slagts af job er det? Jeg har svensk personnummer og jeg tale svensk fyttende (men skrive hellere på dansk fordi det er lettere).

Jeg synes at jobbe med graph basert målrettede realtids databaser er meget spænende. Men jeg er ikke på linkedIn (måske databeskytte). Hvad kan jeg gøre nu?

Jeg har masse af erfaring med java og “java zooen” som Scala og Clojure men min præference ligger på Haskell. Studeret… har jeg ved en Skotsk universitet og tale dermed flyttende engelsk. Jeg bestillte meg nu et applied micro udviklingsbundkort til X-Gene (64 processorer hvert med 64 bit 22nm).

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