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O’Reilly’s Graph Databases

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    Case Study: eBay Now Tackles eCommerce Delivery Service Routing with Neo4j

    "We needed to rebuild when growth and new features made our slowest query longer than our fastest delivery — 15 minutes! Neo4j gave us the best solution." – Volker Pacher, eBay

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    Case Study: Walmart uses Neo4j to give customers best web experience through relevant and personal recommendations

    "As the current market leader in graph databases, and with enterprise features for sca- lability and availability, Neo4j is the right choice to meet our demands."– Marcos Wada, Walmart

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    Case Study: Resource Authorization Challenge Solved with Graph Database

    "The Neo4j graph database gives us drastically improved performance and a simple language to query our connected data" – Sebastian Verheughe, Telenor

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