Pitney Bowes gained competitive advantage by building a next-generation tool for 360-degree customer insight and chose Neo4j to avoid insufficient RDBMs and other NoSQL solutions

Pitney Bowes For most businesses, IT strategies include consolidating information, automating data analysis and lowering cost. However, revenue growth, increased revenue per customer, higher rates of referral and ever more effective marketing, require a holistic view of customers and prospects. The explosion of data from mobile, Web, user experience and behavior monitoring, lead scoring and legacy data silos is a challenge for both marketers and the IT professionals working to support them.

Pitney-Bowes, an established leader in direct marketing, is also a major player in digital marketing information management and is helping clients lower IT costs and increase their return using high-quality customer information.

With its leading edge Master Data Management (MDM) system, it has leapfrogged its competition by building its MDM system around the Neo4j graph database – avoiding the pitfalls of slow and insufficiently flexible RDBMSs, or insufficiently rich NoSQL solutions. As the market-leading graph database, Neo4j provides a scalable infrastructure for capturing and querying connected data that far surpasses traditional databases for cost and agility.

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