Unlock Business Value by Utilizing
Connections and Relationships in Your Data


Build Smarter Applications

Designed from the ground up to support blazing-fast connected queries; thousands of times faster than SQL. This approach, refined over more than a decade, lets you do away entirely with SQL joins, a major cause of application slowdown.

Grow With Your Business

SQL joins get slower as your database grows in size. Quick fixes like batch precompute incur extra processing, and locks applications into yesterday’s view of the data. Neo4j keeps it fast: constant-time query performance and vastly improved flexibility in handling complex hierarchies.

White Paper – Sustainable Competitive Advantage: Creating Business Value through Data Relationships

Where does sustainable competitive advantage come from? It’s not from data volume or velocities, but from the knowledge of relationships in your data. Learn how companies are using Neo4j graph database to gain sustainable competitive advantage.
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