Recently version 1.0 of Neo4j was released. There has been a Neo Technology news post regarding this event, as well as a blog post on how to get to know Neo4j. The distribution is available as binary and source packages from the downloads page.

For more information, read the list mail announcement and check out the details in the changelog.

A few pointers to stuff that happened around and after the release:
As always, feedback to the mailing list, on Twitter or directly to us.



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Bromokun says:

Hi, I wanna build a First Person Shooting multi-player online game, I realized that a game server like Project Darkstar uses BerkeleyDB to provides this project with NoSQL database.
My question is: BerkeleyDB is using a key/value method. And your Neo4j is using graph (I don’t understand how it works) … but is it possible to use your DB for my Fast-pace online game? … Please advice

Best regards

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