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Julian Simpson brings to Neo Technology the benefits of a long and random IT career. From working in thankless IT support jobs, to Unix Systems Administration, to DevOps consulting and writing, Julian has sometimes been at the cutting edge of technology. He keeps the marketing engines humming at Neo Technology.

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Neo4j 1.2 Milestone 3 – Habit Forming

The first time is a promise. The second, a confirmation. But it’s not until the third time you follow through on cleaning your room that you can claim it as a habit.We’re feeling good about having a milestone release habit.… Read more →

Neo4j Visualization with Gephi

Neo4j Visualization with Gephi During the summer Martin Škurla has developed support for the Neo4j graph database in the Gephi visualization and exploration platform. This Google Summer of Code project is now approaching its finish.The basic idea of the project… Read more →

Google Summer of Code Projects with Neo4j

Great news for all students wanting to spend the summer hacking on Neo4j and getting paid for it! The hackers behind Neo4j have teamed up with a few mentoring organizations on some interesting Summer of Code projects!So far there are… Read more →

Update on Neo4j Ruby bindings

During 2010 there’s been two releases of the Neo4j.rb JRuby bindings for the Neo4j graph database so far. Time to catch up with what’s new!Version 0.4.0 of Neo4j.rb came with improved traversal performance, more options on how to use relationships,… Read more →

Neo4j 1.0 released

Recently version 1.0 of Neo4j was released. There has been a Neo Technology news post regarding this event, as well as a blog post on how to get to know Neo4j. The distribution is available as binary and source packages… Read more →

Neo4j 1.0-b11 released: stability & robustness

Neo4j 1.0-b11 — the open source nosql graph database — has been released. This is the last beta before we (after 6 years in commercial 24/7 production use) finally feel that we have a version that is worthy of 1.0.… Read more →

Neo4j 1.0-b10 released: read-only mode & faster deep traversals

Neo4j 1.0-b10 – the open source nosql graph database – has been released with new features including a read-only mode, improved depth first traversal speed due to an iterator implementation all the way down to the native store layer and… Read more →

NoSQL East & semweb meetup in DC

Emil will represent Neo4j at two upcoming events: Emil and Tim Berners-Lee — I’m sorry Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the father of the web — will speak at the semantic web meetup in association with ISWC in Washington DC on Oct… Read more →

Initial release of Neo4j Grails plugin

As announced by Stefan Armbruster on the Neo4j and Grails mailing lists, the initial 0.1 version of the Neo4j Grails plugin has been released by him. Read the full announcement in this blog post. Grails is a web application framwork… Read more →

Neo4j at JAOO 2009 Oct 4 – 8

Emil from the Neo4j crew is right now making the streets of Aarhus, Denmark, unsafe for RDBMS fans. Why? Because Oct 4th is kicking off the week of JAOO 2009!Emil will give an introductory Neo4j talk in the morning slot… Read more →

Neo4j.rb 0.3.2 released

Andreas Ronge, Martin Kleppmann and the other contributors have recently released Neo4j.rb 0.3.2. The project on GitHub now has thirteen forks. The release announcement was sent to the Neo4j Ruby group. Major points from the changelog:experimental support for aggregating nodestraversal… Read more →

Neo4j 1.0-b9 released: batch insert mode & new adaptive cache

Neo4j 1.0-b9 — the open source graph database — has been released with new features including a batch insert mode for bulk import, optimized read-only transactions and a new adaptive cache implementation. Download the Neo4j Core release or the Apoc… Read more →

Neo4j.rb 0.3.0 released – REST support included

Andreas Ronge released a new version of the JRuby library for Neo4j. The Neo4j.rb 0.3.0 release focuses on event handling, list support and lots of other things. The really big news this time is the REST API support contributed by… Read more →

Convenient package Neo4j Apoc 0.1 released

Today we released the first version of Neo4j Apoc. Apoc is an acronym for A Package Of Components and it bundles a handful of useful Neo4j components into a single download.We created Apoc because we noticed that we always included… Read more →

Neo4j 1.0-b8 released: online backup & improved performance

Neo4j 1.0-b8 — the open source graph database — was released today with a major set of features including incremental online backup of running Neo4j instances, reduced memory footprint and lots of performance improvements. Download it here.While this is officially… Read more →

Neo4j at OSCON 2009

In late July, the Neo4j team will attend OSCON — the O’Reilly Open Source Conference! Emil will give a talk titled Neo4j – The Benefits Of Graph Databases. If you’re in the area, please stop by and say hi! Want… Read more →

First complete Neo4j sample app

The IMDB example 1.0, a Neo4j-based web application using part of the IMDB actors/movies dataset, has been released. The application lets the user search for or browse through actors and movies. For actors, it also shows their Bacon path as… Read more →

Neo4j.rb 0.2.0 released

Andreas Ronge keeps releasing new versions of his JRuby library for Neo4j. The 0.2.0 release focuses on traversals and filtering. For more information about this release, read the full changelog. There’s also an introduction to read, and you can find… Read more →

Neo4j.rb reached first milestone

The JRuby bindings for Neo4j by Andreas Ronge have reached its first milestone with Neo4j.rb version 0.1.0. See the project page for more information. Highlights from the changelog: enhancements to properties, indexing with Date/DateTime, YARD documentation. The bottom line is… Read more →

Neo4j at QCon SF 2008

The Neo4j team is attending this year’s QCon SF! On Friday Nov 21st, Emil will give a talk entitled “Neo4j — the benefits of graph databases”. If you are there, please stop by and say hi! Update: The slides are… Read more →

Welcome to Neo4j News!

news.neo4j.org is the new site where the neo4j project posts about releases, talks and other news. Stay tuned for more ways to get information on what’s going on in the neo4j community! – Through our team page you can find… Read more →

Neo4j 1.0-b7 released

Today the long awaited seventh beta of Neo4j was released, giving us Neo4j 1.0-b7. For more information, see the release mail and list of changes. Download the binary and source from our download page. Want to learn more about graph databases?… Read more →

Neo4j at FooCamp and in O’Reilly News

The Neo4j team attended this year’s fantastic FooCamp and amongst other things co-led a session on “Persistence in a Post-relational World.” O’Reilly News picked up the noise and made this nice Neo4j writeup. Want to learn more about graph databases?… Read more →

Article at InfoQ

InfoQ has a nice writeup about Neo4j with some interesting discussion afterwards. Want to learn more about graph databases? Click below to get your free copy of O’Reilly’s Graph Databases ebook and discover how to use graph technologies for your… Read more →

Neo at JavaOne 2008

The Neo team is hacking JavaOne 2008! Tobias is giving a talk and the rest of the crew is dealing out free beer. If you’re around and want to chat or grab a beer, please drop us (Emil and Tobias)… Read more →

Neo talk at Java Posse Roundup

At the Java Posse Roundup 2008, Tobias Ivarsson did a lightning talk about Neo. Watch it on YouTube. Want to learn more about graph databases? Click below to get your free copy of O’Reilly’s Graph Databases ebook and discover how… Read more →

Neo4j 1.0-b6 released under the AGPLv3

Today the latest and last beta of Neo4j was released as free software under the GNU Affero General Public License v3. For more info, see the release mail. Grab the binary and source at our download page. Want to learn… Read more →