During the summer Martin Škurla has developed support for the Neo4j graph database in the Gephi visualization and exploration platform. This Google Summer of Code project is now approaching its finish.

The basic idea of the project is twofold:

  1. Users of Neo4j get better visualization support
  2. Users of Gephi can work with larger graphs

The graph visualization can give you output like this:

Martin just published an article summarizing the project, head over and read it! For the future development of the Neo4j plugin, there’s a survey where everyone has the chance to give feedback on what features they want to use.

To try it out, download NetBeans 6.9 and use it to build and execute the source code (Gephi depends on the NetBeans platform version 6.9). To check out the source, make sure to have Bazaar installed, and then do:

bzr checkout lp:~bujacik/gephi/support-for-neo4j

Finally, you’re welcome to discuss the plugin on the Neo4j mailing list and in the Gephi forums.

Update: See the comments for information on configuring NetBeans to build Gephi!




Mathieu says:

Here are more information how to build the Gephi code in Netbeans: Configuring_Netbeans.

Let us know if you have any issue, on Gephi forum or mailing list gephi-dev@lists.gephi.org

Polymathicus says:

when will a gephy plugin for neo4j be available?

@Polymathicus: The Gephi Neo4j plugin is in pre-release phase at the moment. See this mail: http://lists.neo4j.org/pipermail/user/2010-November/005730.html (sorry about the outdated certificate). The attachment just needs to be renamed to be recognized as .tar.gz.

Polymathicus says:

Thanks! I will give it a try. One more question: I am interested in utilizing the Neo4j connection from within the Gephy Toolkit. In other words, I would like to invoke programmatically Gephy, and instead of giving it a file to read, let it import data from some Neo4j database. Is it possible?

Thanks and keep the great work


Is Gephi compatible with 1.2M05 created database?
Tried to import db but get errors asking indicating the db is an older version (pre 1.0).

Hi Donovan,
Martin and Mathieu are working on upgrading the dependencies and implementing lazy traversal through big graphs. Probably being done when Neo4j 1.2 is released before Xmas.

Stay tuned!


Akhi says:

kwel work, seems to be better than the neoclipse version

Matej says:

Hi, so which version of Neo4j I have to use to use this plugin? I have db in 1.2 stable and got org.neo4j.kernel.impl.nioneo.store.IllegalStoreVersionException: Store version [NeoStore v0.9.6]. Please make sure you are not running old Neo4j kernel towards a store that has been created by newer version of Neo4j.

I am not sure what Neo4j jars are bundled with the plugin. Could you take a look and see if they are different from the version (1.2) that you created the db with?


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