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  • Enterprise
  • A commercial license for Neo4j Enterprise Edition, providing production-certified versions of Neo4j, with Enterprise-grade scaling & ops features.

    Includes 24×7 Production Support.

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  • Startup
  • A special program, just for startups, so that you can achieve maximum liftoff.   Learn more →

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  • Personal
  • Free individual license to supercharge your personal innovation. Support not included.

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Database Platform

Core Graph Database Features X X X X
Maintenance Releases
& Schedule Fixes
- X X X
Emergency Patches - Available - -


Commercial Email Support - X X -
Commercial Phone Support - X X -
Support Hours - Up to 24 x 7 10 x 5 -

Performance & Scalability Features

Enterprise and Lock Manager - X X X
High-Performance Cache - X X X
Clustering - X X X
Hot Backups - X X X
Advanced Monitoring - X X X