E.6. Backup and restore

The steps required to backup and restore a Neo4j HA cluster.

Review Section 7.1, “Backup planning” for a discussion about backup strategies.

The applicable configuration options for backups in a Neo4j HA cluster are the same as for a standalone database. See Section 7.2.1, “Configuration parameters”.

To back up an HA cluster, follow the instructions in Section 7.4, “Perform a backup”.

To restore from backup in an HA cluster environment, follow these steps:

  1. Shut down all database instances in the cluster.
  2. Restore the backup on each instance, using neo4j-admin restore.
  3. If you are restoring onto new hardware, please review the HA settings in neo4j.conf.

    In particular, check the ha.initial_hosts setting to ensure that the servers listed reflect the servers on which the restores are being made.

  4. Start the database instances, beginning with the master.