Overview of Neo4j 4.x

Learn about Neo4j and the Neo4j Graph Platform

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About the Course

Hands-on Learning

This course has been replaced by the Neo4j Fundamentals course on the brand new GraphAcademy website.

Head over to the new GraphAcademy website now for a brand new range of interactive, hands-on courses.

This online course introduces you to Neo4j 4.x and the Neo4j Graph Platform. You will learn what a graph database is and how it is supported with Neo4j. You will learn about the features of Neo4j and the many ways you can access a Neo4j instance. In this course, you will also have an opportunity to get started using Neo4j using Neo4j Desktop and Neo4j Browser for accessing the Neo4j instance.


You need not have any programming experience to take this course.


If you perform the guided exercises in this course, it will take you two hours to complete the course.

What you will learn

  • What is a Graph Database

  • The Neo4j Graph Platform

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