Neo4j Streams Kafka Integration

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Neo4j Streams integrates Neo4j with Apache Kafka event streams, to serve as a source of data, for instance change data (CDC) or a sink to ingest any kind of Kafka event into your graph.

Our Kafka Connect Plugin offers the sink functionality.

The Neo4j Server Extension provides both sink and source, as it has also access to the transaction events. It will also add procedures you can call to send and receive data from Kafka.

Neo4j Streams has graduated from Neo4j Labs and is now a fully supported component of Neo4j for Enterprise customers.

Availability & Installation

You can install the Kafka Connect Neo4j Sink Plugin into Confluent Cloud or your own Connect instance.

Alternatively, you can add the Neo4j Server extension to your own installations. Just download the matching release version into the plugins folder and configuring it according to the documentation (see below for both).

Enterprise users may use Neo4j Streams under their existing support agremeents. Neo4j Community users may also use Neo4j Streams, with community support.

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