Kerala is a state in India and popularly known as "God’s own Country". It is very famous for the BackWaters, HouseBoats, Food, Culture. There are numerous resorts, hotels and homestays in Kerala. This application provides a fun and interactive way to find a Resort of your choice.

CREATE (zuri:Resort{name : 'The Zuri Kumarakom', address : 'V-235 A1 to A54, Karottukayal, Kumarakom, Kerala 686563 India', avg_rate: 7650})
CREATE (vivanta:Resort{name : 'Vivanta by Taj - Kumarakom', address : '1/404 Kamarakom Kottayam, Kumarakom, Kerala 686 563 India', avg_rate: 10000})
CREATE (paradise:Resort{name : 'Paradise Resorts', address : 'Kumarakom South P.O, Kottayam, Kumarakom, Kerala 686563 India', avg_rate: 3753})
CREATE (leCelestium:Resort{name : 'Le Celestium', address : 'Colony Road KDTC Hill Resort, Munnar, Kerala 685612 India', avg_rate: 2085})
CREATE (glenmore:Resort{name : 'Glenmore Resorts', address : 'Near Recreation Club Pallivasal, Munnar, Kerala 685665 India', avg_rate: 1918})
CREATE (worldBackWaters:Resort{name : 'The World Backwaters', address : 'Kannankara Post, Alleppey, Thanneermukkom, Kerala 688527 India', avg_rate: 4169})
CREATE (rainbowCruises:Resort{name : 'Rainbow Cruises', address : 'V.C.N.B.Road, Opp.Boat Jetty Alleppey, Cochin, Alappuzha, Kerala 688013 India', avg_rate: 10271})
CREATE (wildCorridor:Resort{name : 'Thekkady Wild Corridor', address : 'Murikkady P.O. Kumily, Thekkady, Kerala 685535 India', avg_rate: 5837})
CREATE (spiceVillage:Resort{name : 'Spice Village', address : 'Kumily - Thekkady Road, Thekkady, Kerala 685536 India', avg_rate: 14176})
CREATE (windHaven:Resort{name : 'WindHaven Resort', address : 'Ramakkal Tourist Center, Idukki, Ramakkalmedu, Kerala 685 552 India', avg_rate: 1376})

CREATE (family:Category{name : 'Family', description:'Family Resort'})
CREATE (beach:Category{name : 'Beach', description:'Beach Resort'})
CREATE (hillStation:Category{name : 'Hill Station', description:'Hill Station Resort'})
CREATE (backWaters:Category{name : 'Back Waters', description:'Kerala Back Waters Resort'})
CREATE (holiday:Category{name : 'Holiday Park', description:'Holiday Park with Play-Area'})
CREATE (romantic:Category{name : 'Romantic', description:'Romantic Destination'})
CREATE (wildlife:Category{name : 'Wild Life', description:'Wild Life and Forest'})

CREATE (january:Season{name : 'January'})
CREATE (febraury:Season{name : 'Febraury'})
CREATE (march:Season{name : 'March'})
CREATE (april:Season{name : 'April'})
CREATE (may:Season{name : 'May'})
CREATE (june:Season{name : 'June'})
CREATE (july:Season{name : 'July'})
CREATE (august:Season{name : 'August'})
CREATE (septemberr:Season{name : 'September'})
CREATE (october:Season{name : 'October'})
CREATE (november:Season{name : 'November'})
CREATE (december:Season{name : 'December'})

CREATE (swimmingPool:Facility{name : 'Swimming Pool'})
CREATE (carParking:Facility{name : 'Car Parking'})
CREATE (freeWifi:Facility{name : 'Free Wi-Fi Access'})
CREATE (freeBreakfast:Facility{name : 'Free Breakfast'})
CREATE (childCare:Facility{name : 'BabySitting or Child Care'})
CREATE (garden:Facility{name : 'Garden'})
CREATE (spa:Facility{name : 'Spa'})
CREATE (cafe:Facility{name : 'Cafe'})
CREATE (medicalAssistance:Facility{name : 'Medical Assistance'})
CREATE (barbecue:Facility{name : 'Barbecue grill(s)'})
CREATE (fitness:Facility{name : 'Fitness facilities'})
CREATE (library:Facility{name : 'Library'})
CREATE (frontDesk:Facility{name : '24-hour front desk'})
CREATE (billiards:Facility{name : 'Billiards or pool table'})

CREATE (rating2_5:Rating{rating : 2.5})
CREATE (rating3_0:Rating{rating : 3.0})
CREATE (rating3_5:Rating{rating : 3.5})
CREATE (rating4_0:Rating{rating : 4.0})
CREATE (rating4_5:Rating{rating : 4.5})
CREATE (rating5_0:Rating{rating : 5.0})

CREATE (raju:Person{name : 'Raju', email: ''})
CREATE (diya:Person{name : 'Diya', email: ''})
CREATE (geeta:Person{name : 'Geeta', email: ''})

CREATE (kumarakom:Place{name : 'Kumarakom', details: 'Kumarakom is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is a noted bird sanctuary where many species of migratory birds visit. The Vembanad Lake, the largest backwater in Kerala, is habitat for many marine and freshwater fish species'})
CREATE (alleppey:Place{name : 'Alleppey', details: 'The Backwaters of Alleppey are the most popular tourist attraction in Kerala'})
CREATE (thekkady:Place{name : 'Thekkady', details: 'Situated in Kerala, close to the Kerala - Tamil Nadu border town - Kumily, it is located about 257 km (160 mi) from Trivandrum, 114 km from Madurai City and Madurai Airport, 185 km from Cochin International Airport and 114 km from Kottayam railway station.'})
CREATE (munnar:Place{name : 'Munnar', details: 'Munnar is a hill station on the Western Ghats, a range of mountains situated in the Idukki district of the Indian state of Kerala.'})

CREATE (kerala:State{name : 'Kerala', details: 'Gods own country'})

CREATE (vembanadLake:Attraction{name : 'Vemabanad Lake'})
CREATE (kumarakomBirdSanctuary:Attraction{name : 'Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary'})
CREATE (aruvikkuzhi:Attraction{name : 'Aruvikkuzhi Waterfall'})
CREATE (tigerReserve:Attraction{name : 'Periyar Tiger Reserve'})
CREATE (periyarLake:Attraction{name : 'Periyar Lake'})
CREATE (gaviForest:Attraction{name : 'Gavi Forest'})
CREATE (teaGardens:Attraction{name : 'Tea Gardens'})
CREATE (roseGarden:Attraction{name : 'Rose Garden'})
CREATE (mattupetty:Attraction{name : 'Mattupetty Dam'})
CREATE (keralaBackWaters:Attraction{name : 'Kerala Back Waters'})
CREATE (marariBeach:Attraction{name : 'Marari Beach'})
CREATE (kathakaly:Attraction{name : 'Kathakaly'})

CREATE vembanadLake-[:ATTRACTION_IN]->kumarakom
CREATE kumarakomBirdSanctuary-[:ATTRACTION_IN]->kumarakom
CREATE aruvikkuzhi-[:ATTRACTION_IN]->kumarakom
CREATE tigerReserve-[:ATTRACTION_IN]->thekkady
CREATE periyarLake-[:ATTRACTION_IN]->thekkady
CREATE gaviForest-[:ATTRACTION_IN]->thekkady
CREATE teaGardens-[:ATTRACTION_IN]->munnar
CREATE roseGarden-[:ATTRACTION_IN]->munnar
CREATE mattupetty-[:ATTRACTION_IN]->munnar
CREATE keralaBackWaters-[:ATTRACTION_IN]->alleppey
CREATE marariBeach-[:ATTRACTION_IN]->alleppey
CREATE kathakaly-[:ATTRACTION_IN]->alleppey

CREATE zuri-[:CATEGORY]-> family
CREATE zuri-[:CATEGORY]-> holiday
CREATE zuri-[:CATEGORY]-> backWaters
CREATE vivanta-[:CATEGORY]-> holiday
CREATE vivanta-[:CATEGORY]-> family
CREATE vivanta-[:CATEGORY]-> beach
CREATE paradise-[:CATEGORY]-> holiday
CREATE paradise-[:CATEGORY]-> family
CREATE leCelestium-[:CATEGORY]-> family
CREATE leCelestium-[:CATEGORY]-> hillStation
CREATE leCelestium-[:CATEGORY]-> holiday
CREATE glenmore-[:CATEGORY]-> family
CREATE glenmore-[:CATEGORY]-> hillStation
CREATE glenmore-[:CATEGORY]-> holiday
CREATE worldBackWaters-[:CATEGORY]-> backWaters
CREATE worldBackWaters-[:CATEGORY]-> holiday
CREATE worldBackWaters-[:CATEGORY]-> romantic
CREATE rainbowCruises-[:CATEGORY]-> backWaters
CREATE rainbowCruises-[:CATEGORY]-> romantic
CREATE wildCorridor-[:CATEGORY]-> wildlife
CREATE wildCorridor-[:CATEGORY]-> holiday
CREATE wildCorridor-[:CATEGORY]-> family
CREATE spiceVillage-[:CATEGORY]-> holiday
CREATE windHaven-[:CATEGORY]-> holiday
CREATE windHaven-[:CATEGORY]-> beach

CREATE kumarakom-[:BEST_SEASON]->january
CREATE kumarakom-[:BEST_SEASON]->febraury
CREATE kumarakom-[:BEST_SEASON]->march
CREATE kumarakom-[:BEST_SEASON]->september
CREATE kumarakom-[:BEST_SEASON]->october
CREATE kumarakom-[:BEST_SEASON]->november
CREATE kumarakom-[:BEST_SEASON]->december
CREATE alleppey-[:BEST_SEASON]->january
CREATE alleppey-[:BEST_SEASON]->febraury
CREATE alleppey-[:BEST_SEASON]->march
CREATE alleppey-[:BEST_SEASON]->september
CREATE alleppey-[:BEST_SEASON]->october
CREATE alleppey-[:BEST_SEASON]->november
CREATE alleppey-[:BEST_SEASON]->december
CREATE thekkady-[:BEST_SEASON]->january
CREATE thekkady-[:BEST_SEASON]->febraury
CREATE thekkady-[:BEST_SEASON]->march
CREATE thekkady-[:BEST_SEASON]->september
CREATE thekkady-[:BEST_SEASON]->october
CREATE thekkady-[:BEST_SEASON]->november
CREATE thekkady-[:BEST_SEASON]->december
CREATE munnar-[:BEST_SEASON]->january
CREATE munnar-[:BEST_SEASON]->febraury
CREATE munnar-[:BEST_SEASON]->march
CREATE munnar-[:BEST_SEASON]->april
CREATE munnar-[:BEST_SEASON]->may
CREATE munnar-[:BEST_SEASON]->august
CREATE munnar-[:BEST_SEASON]->september
CREATE munnar-[:BEST_SEASON]->october
CREATE munnar-[:BEST_SEASON]->november
CREATE munnar-[:BEST_SEASON]->december

CREATE kumarakom-[:STATE]->kerala
CREATE alleppey-[:STATE]->kerala
CREATE thekkady-[:STATE]->kerala
CREATE munnar-[:STATE]->kerala

CREATE zuri-[:PLACE]->kumarakom
CREATE vivanta-[:PLACE]->kumarakom
CREATE paradise-[:PLACE]->kumarakom
CREATE leCelestium-[:PLACE]->munnar
CREATE glenmore-[:PLACE]->munnar
CREATE worldBackWaters-[:PLACE]->alleppey
CREATE rainbowCruises-[:PLACE]->alleppey
CREATE wildCorridor-[:PLACE]->thekkady
CREATE spiceVillage-[:PLACE]->thekkady
CREATE windHaven-[:PLACE]->thekkady

CREATE zuri-[:RATING]->rating4_5
CREATE vivanta-[:RATING]->rating5_0
CREATE paradise-[:RATING]->rating3_5
CREATE leCelestium-[:RATING]->rating4_5
CREATE glenmore-[:RATING]->rating4_0
CREATE worldBackWaters-[:RATING]->rating4_5
CREATE rainbowCruises-[:RATING]->rating3_0
CREATE wildCorridor-[:RATING]->rating2_5
CREATE spiceVillage-[:RATING]->rating4_5
CREATE windHaven-[:RATING]->rating4_0

CREATE zuri-[:FACILITY]->swimmingPool
CREATE zuri-[:FACILITY]->carParking
CREATE zuri-[:FACILITY]->freeWifi
CREATE zuri-[:FACILITY]->childCare
CREATE zuri-[:FACILITY]->freeBreakfast
CREATE zuri-[:FACILITY]->garden
CREATE vivanta-[:FACILITY]->swimmingPool
CREATE vivanta-[:FACILITY]->carParking
CREATE vivanta-[:FACILITY]->frontDesk
CREATE vivanta-[:FACILITY]->garden
CREATE vivanta-[:FACILITY]->freeWifi
CREATE paradise-[:FACILITY]->swimmingPool
CREATE paradise-[:FACILITY]->frontDesk
CREATE paradise-[:FACILITY]->garden
CREATE leCelestium-[:FACILITY]->spa
CREATE leCelestium-[:FACILITY]->medicalAssistance
CREATE leCelestium-[:FACILITY]->carParking
CREATE glenmore-[:FACILITY]->medicalAssistance
CREATE glenmore-[:FACILITY]->barbecue
CREATE glenmore-[:FACILITY]->carParking
CREATE glenmore-[:FACILITY]->spa
CREATE worldBackWaters-[:FACILITY]->spa
CREATE worldBackWaters-[:FACILITY]->fitness
CREATE worldBackWaters-[:FACILITY]->garden
CREATE worldBackWaters-[:FACILITY]->freeWifi
CREATE rainbowCruises-[:FACILITY]->library
CREATE wildCorridor-[:FACILITY]->frontDesk
CREATE wildCorridor-[:FACILITY]->garden
CREATE wildCorridor-[:FACILITY]->childCare
CREATE wildCorridor-[:FACILITY]->freeWifi
CREATE spiceVillage-[:FACILITY]->carParking
CREATE spiceVillage-[:FACILITY]->billiards
CREATE spiceVillage-[:FACILITY]->cafe
CREATE spiceVillage-[:FACILITY]->freeBreakfast
CREATE windHaven-[:FACILITY]->spa
CREATE windHaven-[:FACILITY]->freeWifi

CREATE raju-[:VISITED{month: 'October'}]->zuri
CREATE raju-[:VISITED{month: 'September'}]->paradise
CREATE raju-[:VISITED{month: 'January'}]->glenmore
CREATE diya-[:VISITED{month: 'October'}]->zuri
CREATE diya-[:VISITED{month: 'September'}]->paradise
CREATE diya-[:VISITED{month: 'December'}]->spiceVillage
CREATE diya-[:VISITED{month: 'November'}]->windHaven
CREATE geeta-[:VISITED{month: 'October'}]->zuri
CREATE geeta-[:VISITED{month: 'October'}]->rainbowCruises

RETURN kerala;

Use Cases

Holiday Destinations in Kerala

Find all holiday destinations in Kerala. This dataset consists of only 4 destinations currently.

MATCH p:Place-[:STATE]->kerala
RETURN as Destinations

Places of attraction near Hotel Zuri

Find all tourist attractions near Hotel Zuri, which is located in Kumarakom.

MATCH r:Resort-[:PLACE]->p:Place<-[:ATTRACTION_IN]-a:Attraction
WHERE = 'The Zuri Kumarakom'
RETURN as Attractions_Near_Zuri

HillStation Resorts to Visit in December

Find all Resorts that are in a HillStation, that I can visit in the month of December. Return the Resort name and address, sort the results with highest rated resort first

MATCH r1:Resort-[:CATEGORY]->c:Category,
WHERE = 'Hill Station' AND'December'
RETURN as Resort, r2.rating as Rating, r1.address as Address
ORDER BY r2.rating desc

Romantic Resorts (3 Star and above) within budget 9000 INR Per Day having Spa facility

Find all Romantic Resorts that fit into my budget of 9000 INR Per Day. They need to provide a Spa facility and it should be atleast a 3 star rating.

MATCH r1:Resort-[:CATEGORY]->c:Category,
WHERE = 'Romantic' AND r1.avg_rate <= 9000 AND = 'Spa' AND r2.rating >= 3
RETURN as Resort, r2.rating as Rating, r1.avg_rate as Rate_Per_Day
ORDER BY r2.rating desc

RECOMMENDATION ENGINE: Recommend resorts for Raju to visit in January

The recommendation engine first computes the similarity of Raju with other users. The other user is similar to Raju if he has checked-in to atleast 2 hotels, that were also checked-in by Raju in the same period. From the similar user, identify which resort he visited. Get the location of such resorts and find the top resorts from such locations, provided they are best to be visited in January. Return the resort name, it’s location, rating. Sort the results by highest rating first

MATCH a:Person-[v1:VISITED]->r1:Resort,
WHERE = 'Raju' AND <>
      AND <> AND <>
      AND v1.month = v2.month AND v3.month = v4.month
      AND = 'January' AND r5.rating >= 4
RETURN DISTINCT as Resort, as Place, r5.rating as Rating
ORDER BY r5.rating DESC