The example graph consists of characters in Mahabharata - the Indian Epic. Key nodes - Relations, Wars and their key actions

We’ll go with key characters. There is great debate on Mahabharata genealogy, so we will stick to Wikipedia version for now

This gives us the following graph to play with:

Let’s check how many nodes we have now: Cypher 01

Match (n) RETURN "Hello Graph with " + count(*) + " Nodes! in first Gist by Shivprakash Swami " AS welcome;

List all nodes and their relationships: Cypher 02

MATCH (n)-[r]->(m)  RETURN n AS from, r AS `->`, m AS to;

List most well-connected nodes in desc order: Cypher 03

Match p=(n)--()
return n, count(distinct p) as connectedness
order by connectedness desc limit 5;

Let’s get shortest path between Bhima and Dusshala: Cypher 04

MATCH (Bhima:Person { name:"Bhima" }),(Dusshala:Person { name:"Dusshala" }),
  p = allShortestPaths((Bhima)-[*1..15]-(Dusshala))

Days with most killings in war in descending order: Cypher 05

MATCH (n)-[r:`KILLED`]-(m) return r.Day,count(m) as deaths order by deaths desc;

most prolific warrior: Cypher 06

MATCH (n)-[r:`KILLED`]-(m) return,count(m) as victims order by victims desc