Mobile Operators in India

With increasing number of mobile operators in India, it becomes a great opportunity to analyze on their revenues, technologies and reach in particular area. Mostly used excel reports do the job, but yuck who wants to use that when we can have added intelligence from graph.

Some additions to the current gist, which is not implemented, is using actual neo4j spatial graph where we can map the actual region. * Find the regions not covered by a particular mobile operator, suggest them the same. * Find the competitors of a particular mobile operator * Compare on a timeline, the income from particular region for a mobile operator * Expand model to include income sources from SMS, Internet, Call and this opens up another wide range of analysis to be done.

For now the following is the domain model: * ServiceProvider - Airtel - Vodafone - Idea - TataDocomo - Reliance - MTNL

  • Technology

    • CDMA

    • EDGE

    • HSPA

    • GSM

    • WiMax

  • States -Maharashtra -Rajasthan -Gujarat -Kerela -Punjab -Haryana

  • Revenue -TotalAmount -GrowthYOY

The mapping of operator to region: - airtel → maharashtra, rajasthan, gujarat, punjab, kerela - vodafone → maharashtra, rajasthan, gujarat - idea → maharashtra, gujarat, punjab - tatadocomo → rajasthan, gujarat, punjab, kerela - reliance → maharashtra, rajasthan, gujarat, punjab, kerela - mtnl → gujarat, punjab, kerela

The mapping of opeator to technology: - airtel → edge, hspa, gsm, wimax - vodafone → cdma, edge, hspa, gsm, wimax - idea → edge, hspa - tatadocomo → cdma, edge - reliance → edge, gsm, hspa - mtnl → cdma

Model diagram using neo4j/browser

Mobile Operators


Getting all providers in particular state.

match (provider:ServiceProvider)-[:PROVIDES_SERVICE]->(state:State)
return as State, collect(distinct as Providers

Getting technologies of providers.

match (provider:ServiceProvider)-[:HAS_TECHNOLOGY]->(tech:Technology)
return as Provider, collect(distinct as Technologies