Shape State Farm's data into something greater

Improve and simplify State Farm's access to valuable connected data relationships, plus harness the power of better predictions, with Neo4j Graph Database and Neo4j Graph Data Science.


Your personalized resource center

Welcome! I’ve created this resource center specifically for State Farm Insurance to give you an idea of how Neo4j’s unique technology can help you strengthen real-time query detection and flex to keep up with evolving and dynamic fraud tactics. If you have any questions or want to learn more, please feel free to reach out and set up a meeting!

Lead with intuition

Power intelligent real time applications, predict links, find communities, discover similarities, and more, with a data structure that captures both the properties and connections between each data point. No query is too complex.

Scale and flex

As your data grows, query speed slows down. But not with Neo4j. Our scaling technology manages terabytes of data without impacting performance so you can deliver more analysis and better predictions faster.

Maximize value

Crush runtime for complex queries from days into seconds, or even in real-time. Generate industry-transforming insight faster, make decisions quicker and more confidently, and ultimately – get to value in record time.

Explore our free graph database and graph data science courses to learn more about Neo4j and the benefits of graph technology.

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