12 NODES 2021 Talks You May Have Missed

The coolest graph stories and projects from Neo4j Developer Expo and Summit 2021

NODES 2021 started with a bang with a demo of the world’s biggest graph database, and featured 50 sessions of the coolest graph stories and projects. Picking which sessions to watch can be a daunting task, which is why we compiled some of our favorite talks from the conference in this blog post for you to enjoy.

Opening Keynote: A Blueprint for Success

Emil Eifrem, CEO and Co-Founder of Neo4j, takes you through three levels of blueprint for success:
    1. Building a Graph-Powered Application [skip to 0:12:23]
    2. AI & ML with Graph Data Science [skip to 0:29:44]
    3. Graph-Native Scale (The Trillion+ Relationship Graph Demo) [skip to 0:48:00]

Drawing and Creating Graphs with Arrows.app

Alistair Jone’s amazing tool, Arrows.app, allows you to easily draw graphs that you can use in presentations, documents, or even export to Cypher queries.

Neo4j and GraphQL: The Past, Present, and Future

Darrell Warde talks about transitioning GraphQL tooling from Neo4j Labs into product engineering, the features of the new Neo4j GraphQL Library, and the future roadmap goals for Neo4j and GraphQL.

From Text to Knowledge Graph: The Information Extraction Pipeline

Tomaz Bratanic demonstrates NLP techniques to construct a knowledge graph using text as an input.

Building an ML Pipeline in Neo4j: Link Prediction Deep Dive

Take a deep dive into building a link prediction model in Neo4j with Alicia Frame and Jacob Sznajdman, covering all the tricky technical bits that make the difference between a great model and nonsense.

Revealing the Life of a Twitter Troll with Neo4j

Katerina Baousi, Solutions Engineer at Cambridge Intelligence, uses visual timeline analytics to expose how Twitter trolls exploit tragedies, hashtags, and fake personas to stir up hatred.

Creating Your First Graph Visualization: A Low-Code Approach

Sebastian Müller shows you how to visualize your graph data in less than 10 minutes without coding.

Building Great, Simple APIs for your Neo4j Projects

David Bender shows you how to build great, simple APIs for your Neo4j projects using FastGraph, an integration of FastAPI and Neo4j.

Combating the Medical Climate Crisis

To combat antibiotic resistance, Roland Haas and Asoke Talukder use a knowledge graph to offer patients the right antibiotic for the right diagnosis at the right dosage.

Cypher MERGE Explained

Luanne Misquitta, VP of Engineering at GraphAware, dives into the foundations and best practices of MERGE so that “things that could go wrong” are clearly understood and prevented up-front.

Using Graphs to Support More Equitable Search

Ashleigh Faith spoke on how knowledge graphs facilitate more equitable search.

Closing Keynote

After Emil’s funding announcement, Jim Webber sat down with some of Neo4j’s most varied and vibrant community members and customers to hear their graph stories:
    1. Interview with Julie Fisher, Risk Modeling Scientist at Asurion and an avid Neo4j user and community member, on how she came upon graphs and the unexpected professional turn that got her there. [skip to 0:10:48]
    2. Interview with Matt Cloyd, Lead Developer at Aspen, on his work at the intersection of civic technology and graphs. [skip to 0:22:01]
    3. Interview with Matthias Sieber, a long-time graph devotee whose vast experience has served him across industries and projects, on teaching Neo4j to burgeoning graph acolytes and how quality documentation makes that a reality. [0:35:50]
    4. Interview with Edgar Asuna, Data & Analytics Officer at TODO1, on helping banks detect and prevent fraud. [skip to 0:49:54]

The presentations here are some of our favorites.
There are still more to catch up on from NODES 2021.

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