20 NODES 2020 Talks You May Have Missed

Check out the amazing talks from Neo4j Online Developer Expo and Summit you might have missed.

NODES 2020 has rightly been calledthe Woodstock of graphs.” With 73 great talks and 6 parallel tracks, there was no way to take it all in.

First off, a must-watch is Emil’s keynote, which features a guest appearance from AI/ML expert Alicia Frame.

Top 10 Talks by Live Attendance

#1. A Humane Presentation about Graph Database Internals

Informative AND fun talks on distributed databases are rare, but Neo4j Chief Scientist Jim Webber delivers.

#2. Build a Knowledge Graph using NLP and Ontologies

Using Wikipedia as input, Mark Needham and Jesús Barrasa show how to build a knowledge graph using NLP and ontologies.

#3. Knowledge Graphs Powered by NLP and Network Science

Vlasta Kůs, Lead Data Scientist at GraphAware, uses NLP to build knowledge graphs of news articles and large-scale COVID-19 data.

#4. Transforming a REST Service to a Graph Service

Developer extraordinaire Lennert Van Sever steps you through how to turn a REST service into a graph service.

#5. Using Cypher to Extend a Graph-Based Documentation

Véronique Gendner uses a tool called TheBrain to organize research about unaccompanied teens, then exports it into Neo4j for analysis.

#6. Site Reliability Engineering at Neo4j AuraDB

How does Neo4j AuraDB achieve high availability? Look under the hood with Johannes Unterstein and Julien Grobbelaar.

#7. From RDBMS to Neo4j: Tips and Tricks

Spend 15 minutes watching Michael Blum’s From (:RDBMS)-[:TO]->(:Neo4j) Tips and Tricks, and you’ll be on the fast track to moving data into Neo4j. (Bonus: Check out his blog on moving XKCD into a graph).

#8. Graph Native Learning: Introducing GraphSAGE and Model Catalogs in Neo4j

Learn about the latest in graph data science from experts Amy Hodler and Alicia Frame.

#9. Molecules are Graphs! Graph Data Science for Drug Discovery

Molecules are Graphs, and Matthew Sellwood shows us the value of graph data science for drug discovery.

#10. Unlock Cyber Security with Knowledge Graphs

Uday Korlimaria brilliantly uses a knowledge graph to streamline compliance with the OWASP Application Security Verification Standard.

9 More Talks I Can’t Resist (and Neither Should You)

#1. The Graph Database Workshop That Changed An Industry

Check out The Graph Database Workshop that Changed an Industry by Polley Wong, whose exquisite presentation hints at the industry.

#2. Stopping Money Laundering with Graph Analytics

Graph analytics uncover the complex connections in money laundering, as Jean Villedieu of Linkurious shows us.

#3. Developing Applications with Neo4j AuraDB on Google Cloud

Get ready to develop an application on Neo4j AuraDB in Google Cloud. Google Cloud Developer Advocate Robert Kubis and Neo4j’s own David Allen break it down.

#4. We Save Lives! Using Neo4j to Find a Bone Marrow Donor

Martin Meiers of Be the Match explains how Neo4j connects bone marrow donors with recipients.

#5. From Local Strategies to Global Patterns

Graph theory is fun and interesting, especially when explained by long-time friend of the graph, Nathan Smith.

#6. Halal Detection Using Graph Algorithm

How do you find Halal food when only about 20% of all food is certified? With Neo4j and graph data science, as Nur Aini Rakhmawati demonstrates.

#7. Malt Aware: Discovering What to Drink with Neo4j

Why graphs for recommendations? GraphAware’s Luanne Misquitta offers an intoxicating presentation about malt whiskey.

#8. Project Domino: Fighting COVID-19 Misinformation at Scale with Citizen Data Science

Project Domino works hard to fight viral misinformation about COVID-19.

#9. Modeling Healthy Communication in Neo4j

How can we express what we feel and respectfully disagree? Matt Cloyd uses Neo4j to connect us with better communication skills.

The presentations here are some of my favorites.
There are still more to catch up on from NODES 2020.

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