Meet the 2018 Graphie Award Winners

Last night at GraphConnect 2018, we announced the 11 winners of the 2018 Neo4j Graphie Awards at the conference’s closing reception. The Graphie Awards celebrate the world’s most innovative graph technology applications, recognizing success in connected data across multiple categories – not only for Neo4j customers but across the entire Neo4j community and ecosystem.
Check out who won the 2018 Graphies at GraphConnect including eBay, Adobe, Comcast and others Partners, startup program members, data journalists, community members and ambassadors were all encouraged to submit their graph-based projects for consideration. We had a wonderful pool of nominations, and choosing just 11 winners was definitely a difficult task. Here’s who got to take the final

The 2018 Graphie Award Winners

  Congratulations to the 2018 Graphie winners, who include:
Adobe logo Adobe Behance Graph Impact: Cloud Infrastructure Savings Adobe Behance drastically reduced infrastructure costs and increased performance using Neo4j, resulting in an order-of-magnitude decrease in DevOps staff hours and improvement in sign-in to initial activity experience.
Microsoft Microsoft Graph Impact: Scalability To perform customer segmentation with near infinite granularity across massive datasets, Microsoft turned to Neo4j for a graph that provides their sales and marketing organization with the data needed to enter new markets.
Comcast Comcast Graph Vision: Artificial Intelligence Comcast uses Neo4j to personalize and enrich their customer experience from Xfinity X1 to XFi.
eBay Graph Impact: Revenue & Reach To power hub-pages and “virtual browse nodes” that aid in discoverability and PageRank score, eBay partnered with Neo4j and was able to improve their Google search rankings.
Neo4j Customer: Pitney Bowes Pitney Bowes Graph Vision: Embedded Machine Learning By combining Neo4j’s graph platform with powerful machine learning, Pitney Bowes helped their clients to identify money laundering networks, Ponzi schemes and fraud structures three years before they were reported.
DZD German Center for Diabetes Research The German Center for Diabetes Research (DZD) Graph Impact: Medical Research The German Center for Diabetes Research uses Neo4j to combine heterogeneous research data sources and connect data across disciplines and locations in order to halt the emergence and progression of diabetes.
DXC Technology DXC Technology Graph Impact: Digital Transformation DXC Technology is globally impacting how customers engage and view the potential of digital transformation within their industry, and using Neo4j, they were able to identify $500M of new potential revenue worldwide.
Convergys Convergys Graph Impact: Risk & Compliance Convergys used Neo4j to deliver a successful hybrid cloud GDPR solution spanning multiple data sources across hundreds of clients and +10,000 employees.
Graphen Graphen Graph Impact: Graph Analytics Graphen built a tool to migrate relational data into Neo4j, as well as an immersive augmented virtual reality environment to visualize graph data.
GraphConnect Graphie Award Winner: Juit Juit Graph Impact: Unstructured Data Juit used Neo4j to consolidate data across the complex Brazilian legal system, comprising 93 courts, 18,000+ judges, 60+ legal research sources, 200+ million lawsuits and 26 million verdicts to simplify and accelerate jurisprudence research.
Iryna Feuerstein, Software Developer, Prodyna Iryna Feuerstein Graph Community MVP Iryna is recognized for her commitment to teaching and growing the Neo4j community since 2014. She runs the Neo4j Düsseldorf meetup, has delivered multiple Neo4j + R workshops and has written articles on graph data processing with Neo4 and Apache Spark. Iryna is a consultant for Neo4j partner PRODYNA.

Get Your Graphie Next Year!

  Didn’t get an award this year? We know we’re only honoring a sliver of the great ideas out there and we want to see more awards (and especially more nominations) in the future. The great news is that we will now be doing the Graphies annually. So if your graph-powered project or application is pushes the envelope, rises to a meet a new challenge or develops an innovative graph use case, you’re probably on track for a 2019 Graphie. Award categories will not necessarily always remain the same either, so if you felt like your project didn’t fit into any of the awards above, take heart – you’re not out of the running at all. For more information on this year’s Graphie Award winners, visit  
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