Graph Hyper-Growth Ahead: 5-Minute Interview with Kyle McNamara

“We’re the world’s number one Neo4j consultancy, which we’re proud of and have worked very hard at,” said Kyle McNamara, CEO, Americas, at GraphAware.

In this week’s five-minute interview (conducted at GraphTour DC 2019), we talk with Kyle McNamara, CEO for the Americas for GraphAware. GraphAware is a Neo4j consultancy that provides expert advice at all stages of software development projects that use or are considering the use of Neo4j. In addition to consulting, GraphAware also provides Neo4j training.

What’s GraphAware’s relationship with Neo4j?

GraphAware’s really into Neo4j in a few key areas. One, we’re the world’s number one Neo4j consultancy, which we’re proud of and have worked very hard at. We also are a reseller, and in some markets actually a really strong reseller. The third thing is that we’re an ISV. We build solutions around Neo4j, such as our flagship GraphAware Hume Platform, which is an insight engine that drives insights from unstructured data with natural language processing.

What made you choose to partner with Neo4j?

Neo4j is clearly the leader in this space and has been. You can almost say that they’ve defined the space. So, it was a pretty easy choice. That being said, even today, it’s the most reliable, scalable and thought-leading graph database platform that’s available.

What do you think is in store for the future of graphs?

I think what I see happening is moving from more transactional, heritage use cases such as audit, data lineage and those sorts of things, to more and more analytical use cases. More accurate recommendations, more accurate fraud detection, for example, but even more than that, with this idea of knowledge graph completion, things like businesses using knowledge graphs to surface insights for being more competitive, as well as having better business execution through these insights that they didn’t know about before.

It just seems like with the massive interest in graph, as well as Neo4j’s reputation and GraphAware’s momentum, this is definitely the most exciting trend that I’ve seen in my career.

When you combine it with things like Gartner’s 2019 statement about “The Hottest Trends in Technology” and graph was at number five, but more importantly, a lot of the surrounding numbers were trends like natural language processing and machine learning, which are going to be predominantly on graph. And then you’ve got Google’s recent statement saying that really good machine learning is going to be happening on graph as we go forward, predominantly.

With all of this, you start to see a really exciting opportunity for hyper-growth around this particular industry.

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