7 Seriously Awesome Neo4j Blogs from 2018

We all know no one really reads these intros to year-end listicles, so we’ll keep it brief and just say this: thank you to you for reading.

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has visited the Neo4j blog in 2018, and we vow to continue reporting and gathering all the latest information from the field of the graph database space as we make our way into 2019 and beyond.

Check out the 7 best Neo4j blog from 2018.

It’s never easy to pick (let alone rank!) articles from a very solid, deep pool of content, but alas. We also encourage you to share your own favorites, or tell us what you’d love to learn more about, in the comments section below.

Learn why graph technology is the inevitable future in this Graph Databases for Beginners blog series

#7. Graph Databases for Beginners: Why Graph Databases Are the Future

This series got a major update in 2018, and it continues to be a go-to for learning the basics of graph database technology and why you should care. For your convenience, all other blogs in this series are linked at the bottom. Read them all!
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Check out what an expanded schema data model looks like with Neo4j.

#6. Microservice and Module Management with Neo4j

Mark our words, you’re going to continue to hear about microservices – a method of developing scalable software systems – a bunch in 2019. In this blog, you’ll learn that the management of modules and services is a graph problem.
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Meet Jason Cox and Jess Mason who run a meetup called Philly GraphDB to explore graph technologies.

#5. Cypher Philly: Civic Empowerment & Actional Change Using Data-Driven Storytelling

The Neo4j Community is always doing amazing stuff: Take Cypher Philly for instance, an open source project designed to empower citizens, journalists, data scientists, coders and creatives with the ability to harness open data for civic good and actionable change.
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#4. Why 20 Women Gathering in the Swedish Mountains Might Just Change the World

Stats from 2018: Female enrollment in computer science is around 5 percent. At technical universities, the total number is closer to 30 percent, but among those who graduate, as much as 50 percent are likely to leave the profession. After 20 years in IT, Neo4j’s Maria Sharin sees no reason for these numbers and did something about it.
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Discover how to turn data into wisdom through visualization.

#3. Bring Order to Chaos: A Graph-Based Journey from Textual Data to Wisdom

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in what’s next-next-next, but when you boil all of this graph database stuff down, there’s one essential truth: knowledge is connected information, intelligence is distilling value from it.
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#2. The Story Behind the Russian Twitter Trolls: How They Got Away with Looking Human

Revealing the Russian Twitter attack to derail democracy came down to a matter of connections. In the case of the 2016 election, a simple graph algorithm called PageRank was able to illustrate that most of these troll accounts behaved like single-minded bees with a focused job – not like humans at all.
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Learn why we just closed the largest single investment in the graph technology space and what's next

#1. We Just Closed the Largest Single Investment in the Graph Space. Now What?

I mean…

It’s hard to deny this bit of news sitting amongst our ample blog feed. While the concept of money is generally exciting all on its own, collectively we’re amped because this funding sets us up to deliver more of everything our customers want from graph technology.
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