Advantages of Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise: Reliable and Productive

Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise is a graph database-as-a-service, offered by the creators of the only enterprise native graph database. Fully managed and completely automated, AuraDB Enterprise enables developers to rapidly deploy, build and expand graph-powered applications in the cloud, without the friction of managing infrastructure.

Thus far, this blog series has covered six reasons companies should adopt Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise as their graph database: it is innovative, trusted, effortless, scalable, fast, and secure.

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This fourth blog in the series will show how it is also reliable and bolsters productivity. The database was designed specifically for mission-critical applications, ensuring that companies can depend on its reliability for their most vital applications, without fear of service interruptions or maintenance windows.

Aura Enterprise is also flexible and designed to be easy to use for developers, which helps them become more productive in building applications.

7. Reliable

Designed for mission-critical applications

An intelligent self-monitoring, self-healing architecture ensures that Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise is always available and optimized for the most demanding mission-critical applications.

With its fault-tolerant design, AuraDB has a service availability guarantee of 99.5%. It is uniquely designed to be always on, with no scheduled service interruption or maintenance windows – ever.

Aura’s infrastructure automatically and instantly recovers from component or infrastructure failures. Behind the scenes, your graph database is automatically replicated to two other systems, creating a cluster that is fully managed for you.

The data in each cluster member is then replicated to two different data centers and automatically distributed across multiple availability zones. This multi-level data protection ensures that your information is protected and available when you need it.

To ensure data sovereignty, you control where your data lives, enabling you to meet your data residency and sovereignty requirements.

In addition, database transactions in Neo4j AuraDB are fully ACID compliant. Enterprise use cases – and the graph data model itself – require rock-solid data integrity, and ACID transactions ensure that data is never lost or corrupted.

Some non-native graph databases built on top of NoSQL data stores employ eventual consistency (i.e., BASE) and leave the door open for data corruption in graph datasets.

ACID: Atomic, Consistent, Isolated, Durable

Graph databases require graph expertise. Techniques that work in a relational database don’t translate. A native graph database is distinguished by an exclusive preference to serve graph workloads across its entire stack.

That stack – from query language through to the database management engine and file system considerations, and from clustering to backup and monitoring – epitomizes graph thinking throughout.

Neo4j engineers zealously protect the integrity of the data in the graph. For this reason, enterprises across industries entrust their most critical data to Neo4j.


Flexibility and ease of use for developers

With all major engineering projects, the biggest hurdle is often time to market. You have to validate your technology choices quickly and respond agilely, making developer productivity a key concern.

Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise enables developers to build apps faster and easier with built-in drivers, tools and integrations for many popular languages and frameworks. This means your development team codes in their preferred language while also tapping into support from the largest graph community on the planet.

The bottom line: Ideas turn into reality – and quickly.

In addition, Cypher – the industry standard graph query language – is easy for developers to learn and powerfully executes queries across connected datasets.

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