Advantages of Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise: Fast and Secure

Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise is a graph database-as-a-service, offered by the creators of the only enterprise native graph database. Fully managed and completely automated, Neo4j AuraDB is the fastest way to build graph applications in the cloud, without the friction of managing infrastructure. What are the advantages of this approach? This blog series explores compelling characteristics of Neo4j AuraDB.

Last week we discussed that Neo4j AuraDB is both effortless and scalable. This third blog delves into Neo4j Aura’s speed and security, showing how it not only reveals the deeper relationships embedded in your data, but does so by supporting queries that run in milliseconds. Unlike SQL, query complexity doesn’t degrade performance.

We’ll also discuss Neo4j Aura’s enterprise-class security features that ensure that sensitive data is fully protected.

Aura Security

4. Fast

Lightning speed at scale

The native graph engine in Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise delivers performance at scale.

Neo4j is a native graph data platform that is built to store, query, analyze and manage highly connected data more efficiently than other databases. The Neo4j Database scales both vertically and horizontally, without compromising data integrity, and its Causal Clustering architecture supports multi-clustering.

In Neo4j, data relationships are first-class entities and can be traversed in constant time. This allows even complex queries to deliver results in milliseconds rather than minutes. Neo4j customers have deployed graph datasets with tens of billions of nodes and relationships.

Query performance in a relational database is impacted by data growth and the number of JOINs. As tables get bigger, so do indexes, which means that joining the same number of entities requires more and more compute power.

As questions get more challenging, the number of tables you have to JOIN increases. As the number of JOINs grows in a relational database, query times increase exponentially. More data means slower performance – and more dissatisfied users.

With Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise, more data means more value. Fast queries over billions of nodes deliver real-time insights.

With Neo4j, speed and agility go hand in hand. Relational schemas are rigid and changing them is disruptive. With a graph schema, you adapt the data model at any time, flexing it to meet your changing needs

5. Secure

Enterprise-class security for sensitive data

With Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise, your data is encrypted everywhere: in transit and at rest. All network traffic, even within the service infrastructure, is encrypted using HTTPS with Transport Layer Security (TLS).

The data you store in AuraDB Enterprise, including backup snapshots, is encrypted at rest using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). And while Neo4j experts run Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise, no one at Neo4j has access to your data. Your data is safe and secure.

Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise deploys your clusters and service components in a separate Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), with dedicated cloud infrastructure.

Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise enables you to flexibly apply security to nodes and relationships within the graph. By providing role-based access control at the schema level, Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise ensures data privacy and eases the burden on developers.


As we have shown, Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise offers unsurpassed speed and security. To learn more, the next blog in this series will examine how reliable AuraDB Enterprise is, as well as how it boosts developer productivity, two more reasons companies can benefit from adopting this zero-admin always-on database.

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