Advantages of Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise: Innovative and Trusted

Why You Need a Fully Managed Graph Data Platform

Today’s developers and data practitioners face daunting challenges:
  • An urgent need for advanced analytics to inform business strategy
  • Morasses of siloed data, subject to increasing regulation
  • Digital initiatives slowed or even stalled
  • Complex landscapes of systems that need rationalization
  • Pressure to create an improved customer experience ASAP
Given these combined business and technical pressures, you need a database solution that allows you to make rapid progress on mission-critical initiatives.

Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise is a graph database-as-a-service, offered by the creators of the only enterprise native graph database. Fully managed and completely automated, AuraDB Enterprise enables developers to rapidly deploy, build and expand graph-powered applications in the cloud, without the friction of managing infrastructure.

This week begins our series on Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise. This series of five blogs will examine the benefits of this graph database-as-a-service from the creators of the only enterprise native graph database.

Each blog will look at two reasons that the AuraDB Enterprise database can aid companies in deploying, building and expanding graph-powered applications in the cloud.

Neo4j’s AuraDB enterprise is fully managed and automated, allowing businesses to create cloud applications without having to manage the infrastructure themselves.

This first blog looks at how AuraDB Enterprise empowers companies to find more innovative insights into their data and why it’s important that the database comes from the foremost pioneer of graph databases.

1. Innovative

A new way to find insights in your data

The connectedness of your data and its network effects represent an untapped competitive advantage. But analyzing connections in your data is difficult.

The status quo for data is characterized by fragmentation, silos, duplication and disparate formats. Connecting data using traditional methods such as JOINs between tables is slow and cumbersome.

With a graph database, you quickly move from disjointed data sources to connections that solve valuable use cases.

Graph data models are intuitive. It’s easy to look at a graph and see the business problem and how everything is connected.

Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise includes a powerful graph exploration and visualization tool, Neo4j Bloom. Graph data visualization brings stakeholders together from across the organization, driving “Aha!” moments of insight.

Feature Image AuraDB 1

Graph data platforms provide a new way of thinking that drives innovation and gets you out of the relational rut. Companies that consult with the Neo4j Innovation Lab find that they make tremendous progress in a week or less, quickly uncovering use cases that drive immediate value.

2. Trusted

The most widely deployed graph data platform Neo4j is the pioneer of the graph database category and continues to spearhead innovations and standards in the space.

Aura is built and managed by the same experts who invented graph databases. Neo4j is trusted by hundreds of enterprises for their mission-critical apps. In fact, many software companies build their commercial applications on Neo4j, in effect betting their business on its market-leading performance and reliability.

No one has as much experience with graphs or as many graph database customers as Neo4j. Neo4j is the only enterprise graph data platform. For developers building mission-critical applications in the cloud, Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise offers a fully managed graph database as a fast, reliable and easy-to-use cloud service.

Neo4j AuraDB is purpose-built for storing and analyzing data relationships and delivers lightning-fast queries for real-time data insights. With AuraDB, developers get to focus on what’s important: effortlessly building and running rich, connected data applications without worrying about managing database infrastructure.

The fact that Neo4j’s AuraDB Enterprise is both innovative and trusted are two prime reasons why companies should adopt the database. The second blog in this series will look at two other reasons that make it appealing: that it is both effortless to use and highly scalable.

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