Announcing Early Access of Neo4j AuraDB Free Tier

Introducing AuraDB Free Tier EAP Launch

At Neo4j, our mission is to help you make sense of your world by unlocking connections, influences, and relationships in your data with graph technology.

Since the launch of Neo4j AuraDB, our fully managed graph database service, our customers – both startups and enterprises – have used it to build the most innovative applications across a wide variety of use cases, be it fraud detection, knowledge graphs, customer 360, recommendations, managing compliance, and many more. Our vision with AuraDB is to deliver the fastest, easiest, and the most powerful graph data platform so that you can focus on innovating.

Today, we take an important step towards this reality. We are thrilled to announce Early Access for Neo4j AuraDB Free, a completely free tier of Neo4j’s database as a service allowing you to learn, test, prototype, and explore your ideas without barriers. With the free tier, you can get started in a few clicks, learn graphs, test your models, or build a prototype without any costs or hosting burdens.

It Is Free, Forever

With AuraDB Free tier, there are no trials, no time limits, no promo codes, and no credit card required. You now have a personal, fully managed Neo4j database running for you 24/7 that you never have to worry about or pay for. Spun up in a minute, available via Browser, Bloom, or Bolt, you can start connecting your apps or hosting your data immediately.

Aura Free Tier

It Provides Graphs for All

We want to provide easy access to graphs for everyone no matter their means, circumstances, and stage of development. As an always-on, readily-accessible cloud service, AuraDB Free gives you the opportunity to turn your ideas into reality and not be held back by either operations efforts or costs, instead letting you focus just on the fun part – building things and making sense of data.

It Is the Best Way to Learn, Prototype, or Test Graphs

Kickstart your graph learning, proof of concepts, demos, and development with a generous size limit of up to 50,000 nodes and 175,000 relationships. Upgrading once you decide you want something more powerful is easy. Most of our online courses and material work with AuraDB Free.

And if you’re already comfortable with Neo4j, you can use it to share and host your datasets, build and run your applications and demos, or just use it for integration testing. It is easy to integrate with other native cloud services like Kafka, Spark, Cloud Functions, ML-Services, and any other APIs for data integration or graph enhancement.

You can use our drivers and stack integrations (Java, JavaScript, Go, .Net, Python, GraphQL, Spring Data Neo4j) to build apps and APIs, our data integration libraries to gather data, or Neo4j Browser and Bloom for data exploration, querying, and visualization.

Aura Free Tier

Aura Free Tier

It Is Always Up to Date

Aura runs the most up-to-date version of Neo4j. We think Cypher is the most friendly, powerful, and expressive graph query language that allows you to answer complex questions with just a few lines of code. And with all our tooling and libraries integrated, you can take your pick of what you want to build and how. In addition, you can use more than 400 APOC utility functions and procedures out-of-the-box. And unlike Neo4j Sandbox, it keeps running forever, for free!

It Continuously Improves

We are constantly evolving the service and we have many more exciting ideas. But to generate real, valuable feedback we need users like you to see where we met and where we missed expectations, so we can learn and improve. The EA program allows us to do that, iterating and improving before we’re confident to launch it as a GA service.

The best way to learn more is to try it out yourself. We can’t wait to see what you do with AuraDB Free.

Start your free database now. No credit card required.

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