Announcing Neo4j AuraDB on Google Cloud Platform

Learn about Neo4j AuraDB on Google Cloud Platform.

Today, Neo4j is proud to announce the general availability of Neo4j AuraDB™ on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Neo4j AuraDB is the first and only integrated graph database service on GCP.

If you haven’t seen it yet, AuraDB is the simplest way to run Neo4j in the cloud. Completely automated and fully managed, AuraDB delivers the world’s leading graph database as a service for cloud developers, which provides a simpler and seamless Neo4j experience for GCP users.

This tighter integration allows you to:

    • Launch Neo4j AuraDB right from your Google Console with a few clicks, which provides a native experience.
    • Unify Neo4j AuraDB expenditures with your Google services through GCP billing integration for easy expense management.
    • Automatically apply any existing credits (or commitments) that you have on GCP towards Neo4j service to further achieve lower costs.
In 2019, Neo4j announced a strategic partnership with GCP, and today’s announcement delivers on an important component of that partnership. So let’s take a minute to look at why the connection makes so much sense.

Check out Neo4j AuraDB on Google Cloud Platform.

A Powerful Combination

Google Cloud Platform is a powerful way to run your workloads in the cloud, because it provides for Google-grade security and a global network that delivers world-class performance. GCP already offers a huge range of capabilities, but up until now, nothing in the area of a managed graph service.

Neo4j has long been the leader in the graph database space; and so, it makes sense to bring the best-in-class graph database to GCP. Neo4j AuraDB, as a managed service, is flexible, reliable and developer friendly – and now available as an integrated billing experience.

With GCP and AuraDB combined, it becomes easy to use graph technology in any distributed cloud application. Users who have “graphy data” already hosted on GCP can easily spin up AuraDB, quickly load that data into a graph, and start using Cypher and graph tooling straight away.

Start graph tooling right away.

Always-On Graphs

Neo4j AuraDB on GCP puts database management on autopilot, and keeps you up to date with all the necessary upgrades and patches – without the downtime or maintenance window. In turn, you move more quickly as you evolve your GCP-based applications.

If you need more horsepower from AuraDB, simply scale the service on demand, in a few clicks. During the scaling process, you won’t experience any interruption in service.

How It Works

Neo4j AuraDB is now listed on the GCP Marketplace. Go to the Marketplace and search for AuraDB. GCP will give you an option to enable the API that controls this service, and then you’re ready to get started.

How AuraDB on GCP works.

The “Manage” button manages your use of the API on GCP.

The “Manage on Provider” button takes you to the Neo4j AuraDB control surface. There, you can log in with your same GCP credentials. At this point, your Google Project is linked to your AuraDB experience.

In Aura’s user menu, you’ll notice that your AuraDB experience is managed by a particular GCP Project where billing is done.

Once you’re at this point, you can create a database in any supported region, and all billing will flow through to your GCP account on an hourly basis. The existing user guides on the site take you through how to connect to your new database, load datasets and connect with our supported drivers for popular languages like JavaScript, Python, Java, .NET and others. Stacks for GraphQL via and Enterprise Java via Spring Data Neo4j are supported too.

Via the Neo4j AuraDB Support portal, access to a wealth of information is available 24/7, with options for further support. And, of course, if you’re finished with a database, you can delete it to stop billing.

Neo4j AuraDB: All Over the World

With this launch, Neo4j AuraDB is available in many of the most popular GCP regions shown below, with more regions planned to be added as Aura’s development continues.

The pricing you’ll receive with Neo4j AuraDB on GCP is identical to the pricing when it’s used through the experience. You’re free to make the best decision for your team and billing management, with no worry about differences – and we intend to keep it this way.

Costs remain predictable, with pay-as-you-go pricing at an hourly rate. Any existing spend commitments, credits and other billing arrangements you have with GCP automatically apply, because it’s integrated with GCP billing.

Small Businesses and Startups: Start Today!

The current version of Neo4j AuraDB is the Professional tier, which is well-suited for small business and startup workloads. It lets users easily launch the best-managed graph database, integrated directly into their Google Cloud billing, with predictable costs and everything managed for you.

If your needs go beyond what Neo4j AuraDB does today, Neo4j offers BYOL offerings on Google Compute Engine (GCE) and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), as well as an enterprise Cloud Managed Service (CMS) offering.

We are incredibly excited to share this announcement with the graph community and our partners. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out at