Announcing Neo4j “Boden Bord” 1.5.M01 GA

Dear Graphistas,

Summer is over, and the Neo4j community is starting to see the shape of Neo4j 1.5 coming up on our release train, which started its long way south through Sweden from the snowy 1.3 Abisko Lampa (lamp), via 1.4 Kiruna Stol (chair), and now on to the coastal 1.5 Boden Bord (table).

Over the course of this release there will be a lot of internal changes to the core database engine to speed up performance, reuse space and decrease the size of the database files. While many of these changes are underway, they are currently being production secured in the GIThub branches.

Alright, let’s look at the high-level changes in this first milestone:

Docs Improvement with GraphViz

In this release, we introduced a new utility to generate GraphViz output from a Neo4j database – Neo4j-GraphViz, as part of the community edition. It is mainly used right now to generate graphs in the manual.

We are constantly working with the documentation – feel free to contribute hints on what you want to see via the comments sections on the online manual so we can react to that.

Gremlin Update

Gremlin and the depending libs have been updated to version 1.2, resulting in a lot of nice changes available via Neo4j Embedded and packaged in the Gremlin REST plugin, see the Gremlin changelog.

Opening of GIThub Issue Tracking

We have seen a BIG increase of traffic on the Neo4j mailing list and the IRC channel. As of this release, all Neo4j projects on GIThub are open for Issue reporting for the you, the community. Please direct forks, fixes and issues there so we can all chip in and work on them. We hope this will direct issues into actionable items that can continue to live outside the list and keep volume to a reasonable amount.

Thanks everyone for making this community rock! Now on to the next milestone.

/peter neubauer

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