Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise Now Available on Microsoft Azure

We are proud to announce the general availability (GA) of Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, after a rigorous quality and early access trial process.

AuraDB is the leading native-graph cloud database management system (DBMS) from Neo4j, with more than 500 active enterprises. This marks a proud and major milestone for the Neo4j cloud DBMS, completing AuraDB’s availability across all major cloud providers: AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

So what does this GA mean for you, Microsoft enterprises, architects, and developers?

The Best Graph Database for Microsoft-Committed Enterprises

If you’re the budget owner in an enterprise that prefers to be on the Microsoft platform, your organization now has ready access to the best native graph cloud database on your cloud platform of choice. Your purchase of AuraDB Enterprise will count toward your Azure budget and appear on the same bill.

This GA announcement comes at the heel of another major milestone. A few months ago, the industry analyst Gartner included AuraDB for the first time in its Cloud DBMS Magic Quadrant. Out of the only two graph native databases included, we believe only Neo4j has the financial and technical advantage to help you succeed.

Why is having access to a native graph database important? For performance and other reasons, if you want to develop modern applications that benefit from graph capabilities, you have to go with the graph database that started it all.

Enterprise-Grade Graph Database

Whether you’re a solution architect looking for a high-performance graph database or an enterprise architect looking for an innovative and safe database choice, there are a few reasons why AuraDB on Azure fits the bill.


AuraDB on Azure can be securely integrated with Azure Active Directory (AAD), enabling users of any applications powered by AuraDB to single-sign-on using their AAD credentials and other leading identity providers.

Azure PrivateLink integration allows you to create a private endpoint in your Azure Virtual Network that connects to Aura, so data doesn’t have to traverse the public internet. This ensures secure, private connectivity between the database and all your cloud services and accounts.

Ease of Deployment and Maintenance

You no longer have to worry about database administration since AuraDB is easily deployed from the Azure Marketplace and fully managed by Neo4j.

Even if you already have AuraDB or Neo4j deployments elsewhere, AuraDB on Microsoft Azure can help to underpin your multi-cloud strategy.

Easy for Developers to Onboard and Integrate

We’ve made it easy for developers to get on board the Neo4j development bandwagon with many developer tools such as Browser, Bloom, and Workspace (Beta coming soon), a unified console for data import and modeling, low-code querying, and data visualization.

AuraDB integrates with the broader Microsoft Azure data services ecosystem through Neo4j’s connectors. The connectors provide the ability to integrate AuraDB with Confluent (Kafka), Databricks (Spark), PowerBI, and AzureML by providing bi-directional data exchange between the Aura services and the other components of your data ecosystem.

Get Started With AuraDB Enterprise on Azure

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