From the Neo4j Community: February 2015

Below are just a few of the amazing blogs and videos created by our community in February. As always, if you’d like us to feature your blog post, video or Neo4j creation, be sure to follow us on twitter and include the Neo4j hashtag when you tweet about it.


Graphs R Cool By Nicole White

A Drunkard’s Walk: Graphs and Neo4j By James Dabbs

Family Tree of Data Provenance and Neo4j By David Allen

An Introduction to Graph Databases and Neo4j By Roland Guijt

Building Mix with Neo4j By Aseem Kishore


Python’s Pandas Vs. Neo4j’s Cypher: Exploring Popular Phrases in How I Met Your Mother Transcripts By Mark Needham

Visual Tools for Neo4j By Volkan Paksoy

Cohort Analysis of Neo4j Meetup Members — Mark Needham

Why Graph Databases are Perfect for the Internet of Things By Emil Eifrem

Graph Your Meetup Group with Neo4j and Some Go By Alex Gonzalez

The QCON Graph By Rik Van Bruggen

Modeling in Neo4j Sans Programming By Brian Underwood

Prototyping Web Apps with Structr and Neo4j By Axel Morgner

Using the Neo4j Shell with Embedded Neo4j By Luanne Misquitta

Managing Hires and Positions with Cypher By Antonio Gentile

Deciding on Graphs by David Montag