Congratulations Crunchbase!


Crunchbase and Neo4j: Building the Business Graph

We are happy to congratulate Crunchbase on their launch of CrunchBase 2.0, their next-generation website built atop Neo4j which includes the first open and public “Business Graph”.

If you’re a startup, you are no doubt familiar with CrunchBase, the crowd-sourced online database for tech companies that is part of TechCrunch. CrunchBase includes a dataset of over half a million people and organizations, covering startups, management, funding, and more, and is the world’s largest and most comprehensive database of startup data. With 2 million visitors and 10,000 individual data contributors a month, CrunchBase already captures the heartbeat of business life, as “companies are formed, funded, and tested in the marketplace, products get designed, built and launched, and entrepreneurs, investors and a big cast of business people drive everything forward.”

Whereas CrunchBase 1.0 was all about the data, CrunchBase 2.0 is about the connections. As Jean Villedieu, founder of startup Linkurious (a Neo4j visualization partner) states in his blog on Medium (also a Neo4j customer!), the Business Graph has big implications. It’s the business world’s answer to Facebook’s social graph, which as we know has fundamentally changed the way we interact online.

Just as Facebook built its platform around the social graph, Crunchbase is now the Business Graph as a means of providing invaluable insight into the connections within its data. The website is launching four types of entities: people, organizations, products and schools, and soon visitors will see the addition of events, like TechCrunch Disrupt and Startup Weekends. In celebration of the launch, Neo’s new web site, also launched last week, now includes customer link-backs to CrunchBase for featured startups!

We at Neo are excited to congratulate Crunchbase on this important milestone. We’re proud that Neo4j can be a part of making the Business Graph available to the world.

Cheers Cruchbase!
—The Neo4j Team

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