Shobhna Srivastava & Helena Deus PhD

Director of Engineering at Elsevier & Business Process Manager at ZS Associates

Shobhna Srivastava is an experienced technology professional leading search, graph and recommendation technology teams at Elsevier. She is equally passionate about building well architected solutions that solve business needs, can scale and evolve over time.

Helena Deus received her PhD in Computational Biology where she focused on knowledge-graph based management systems as enablers for translational medicine. Helena is passionate about finding data science and technology solutions that can significantly accelerate innovation in healthcare, with a particular emphasis in oncology.

When COVID swept the world, she was employed at Elsevier and quickly realized how important it was – for drug and vaccine repurpose – to empower scientists with knowledge extracted from literature that could be used to understand the biological underpinnings of the disease.

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