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Engineering Technical Lead @ Agoda

Engineering Technical Lead @ Agoda. Neo4j Featured Community Member. Certified Neo4j Professional. Articles brewed on web, hops, and indie rock’n’roll.

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Creating Graphville: Learn Neo4j & Cypher Through Stories

Graph educational platform with Neo4j courses to teach Cypher to beginnersMy name is Vlad, and I am a Neo4j graph enthusiast. What does it mean? I love to solve problems using graphs, I write about graphs in the Neo4j blog, and I consult and collaborate with other engineers across... read more

Codebase Knowledge Graph

Codebase Knowledge Graph

.NET code analysis using Neo4j DatabaseThis article is an introduction into a field of graph-based code analysis. My name is Vlad, I am a Tech Lead at Agoda, and have spent the last four years working on architectural changes of high-load systems, including a clean architecture redesign of... read more