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This Week in Neo4j – Graphs, AI, and ML: Q&A with Alicia Frame, Finding prices with Neo4j, Building a Knowledge Graph

This week Wolfgang Hoeck teaches us how to build a knowledge graph from scratch, and we have new releases of the Graph Algorithms Library. Dr Alicia Frame is interviewed about Graphs, AI, and ML, Nathan Smith solves the market clearing price problem, and Chris Farrell released a tool for... read more

Catch this week’s 5-Minute Interview with Andrés Natanael Soria, Senior Software Architect at Cablevisión

The 5-Minute Interview: Andrés Natanael Soria, Senior Software Architect at Cablevisión

"Due to native graph storage, the Neo4j queries run really quickly, which is amazing," said Andrés Natanael Soria, Senior Software Engineer at Cablevisión Fibertel. The company uses a broadband network to provide cable television and internet services to customers throughout Argentina, and... read more

Gmail Email analysis with Neo4j – and spreadsheets

Gmail Email analysis with Neo4j – and spreadsheets A bunch of different graphistas have pointed out to me in recent months that there is something funny about Graphs and email. Specifically, about graphs and email analysis. From my work in previous years at security companies, I know that Email... read more

2012 Year in Review: Graph Databases on the Rise

Happy 2013! It looks like another great year is in the forecast for graphs. This is the first of two blog posts, looking back at what has happened this past year, and then ahead to 2013. Growth in Graphs & the Neo4j Community 2012 was an amazing year for graph databases, Neo4j, and the... read more

At a conference? Need a dataset? Neo4j at NOSQL NOW

For the "Lunch and Learn around Neo4j" with Andreas Kollegger at NOSQL NOW, we wanted to use a dataset that was easy to understand and interesting enough for attendees of the conference. This is why we chose to use only the NOSQL NOW conference program from that day as the dataset.... read more

Spring Data Neo4j Webinar follow up

Thanks again everyone for attending the Intro to Spring Data Neo4j webinar. We hope you enjoyed the presentation and learned a lot. We answered all of your questions below. Feel free to use the listed resources to learn more or to discuss your open questions with us. Spring Data Neo4j is a... read more

Announcing Neo4j 1.5 “Boden Bord” Milestone 2 – the Autumnal Fruits of our Labor

As the last of the summer sunshine leaves us and the northern winter approaches, at Neo HQ we've been hunkered around our laptops for warmth and been busy packing in all manner of new functionality for the forthcoming Neo4j 1.5 release. In our last milestone release before our GA, we're opening the... read more

EDBT Uppsala 2011 – Graph Processing everywhere.

Yesterday, I had the great honor to be invited to present Graph Databases and data-local processing at the EDBT in Uppsala. Thanks a lot to Pierre Sennellart, Anastasia Ailamaki and Tore Risch for inviting me to this great event and to Erik Zeitler for a good student singing session!Overall, it was... read more