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Aaron Wallace and Andrew Chumney

About Aaron Wallace and Andrew Chumney, Global Product Manager and Single View Solutions Manager, Pitney Bowes

Aaron Wallace is a Principal Product Manager for Customer Information Management at Pitney Bowes Software, a Neo4j customer.

He is based in Pitney’s Austin Texas office and has been with Pitney Bowes for 8 years. Aaron has 18 years of experience in the Enterprise Software space, with 10 years’ experience in Enterprise Information Management and Data Quality, along with an extensive background in designing and building enterprise software across a number of verticals.

Andrew Chumney has throughout his consulting and business career held leadership roles that have created numerous profitable start-up companies and corporate business units. With a demonstrated talent for the complexities of business process problem solving and strategic positioning.

In pursuit of his passion he has been involved in a dynamic range of companies in various stages of development (i.e. Start-up, IPO, Government and Fortune 500). He has demonstrated exceptional talent in distressed situations, the ability to compartmentalize issues, develop strategic direction and execute on items delivering the greatest impact towards a long term vision. 

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