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Adrianna Dyczkowsky

Marketing Communications Associate, Neo4j

Adrianna Dyczkowsky is a public relations and events professional, dedicated to expanding her knowledge in areas such as tech, writing, event planning, social and digital media, marketing communications and media relations.

Curious, enthusiastic and open-minded, she has traveled abroad and taken part in academic exchanges in Italy and France. She finds great inspiration in travel and hopes to explore more of the world over the next few years.

Latest Posts by Adrianna Dyczkowsky

How Graphs Power OpenSanctions: The 5-Minute Interview with Friedrich Lindenberg

You’ve probably heard of the Panama Papers and the Pandora Papers, but you may not be familiar with OpenSanctions... yet. OpenSanctions is the brainchild of Friedrich Lindenberg. It uses graph technology to analyze different datasets to identify significant individuals around the globe... read more

Neo4j in the News

Neo4j in the News – Summer Edition: Cryptocurrency, Digital Twin, Fraud Detection, and Graph Data Science

And just like that, we're at the start of the summer season and part-way through 2022! I’m excited to be writing yet another blog post sharing some of the highlights from the first half of this year. We’ve seen a lot of discussion around common hot topics such as cybercrime, big data,... read more

Neo4j’s Emil Eifrem and FirstMark’s Matt Turck on the Graph Database Explosion

At this year’s Data Driven NYC, Neo4j CEO and Co-Founder Emil Eifrem sat down with Matt Turck of FirstMark, and they discussed the evolution and explosion of the graph database space. Emil previously spoke at the event in 2015, and it’s exciting to hear them reflect on how graph and... read more

Neo4j in the News – Winter Edition: Neo4j Growth, Big Data, and Cybercrime

Welcome back, everyone, and welcome to 2022! 2021 flew by like no other (arguably faster than 2020, I’d say). It’s hard to believe I’m writing a winter edition of our news round-up, having already wrapped up the holiday season. Over the last few months, we’ve read and spoken a... read more

Check out Neo4j's biggest news announcements of 2021

Neo4j’s Top News Announcements of 2021

While many had no idea what to expect of the year 2021, I think it shaped up to be an interesting, and – shall I say – a very eventful one! Yes, we did still face challenges, like supply chain disruptions, remote work woes, and virtual events, to name a few… but we also celebrated the... read more

Q3 News Coverage

Neo4j in the News – End of Summer Edition: Explainable AI, Democratizing Coding, and Space Junk

And just like that, summer is over. Yet, somehow I feel it’s only just begun! It’s incredible how quickly time goes by, and it seems as though each and every quarter gets more and more exciting. A number of key themes have emerged over the last three months. The most prevalent have been... read more

Neo4j in the News – Summer Edition: Neo4j’s Recent Funding Round, Massive Graphs, Supply Chain, and HR’s Next Big Thing

It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through 2021. It’s been a very eventful Q2 for Neo4j, and I’m excited to share some of the most notable highlights in our world! While we’ve certainly seen significant demand for our favorite topic – graphs – one of the more popular angles... read more

Fast Company honored Neo4j with honorable mentions for our Graph’s 4 COVID-19 “GraphHack.”

Neo4j Graphs4Good Honored with Fast Company’s 2021 World Changing Ideas Award

We are incredibly thrilled to announce that Neo4j’s Graphs 4 COVID-19 “GraphHack” initiative has received two honorable mentions in the AI & Data and Software categories of Fast Company’s 2021 World Changing Ideas Awards! This is the second time Neo4j’s Graphs4Good initiative has been... read more

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Neo4j in the News – Spring Edition: Cloud, Graph Analytics, and the Next Decade of Graph

It’s exciting to think about the fact that we’ve officially put the year 2020 behind us and are already three months into 2021! While the pandemic is still around and many of us are continuing to adjust to the “new normal,” there does seem to be a possible end on the horizon. And... read more

Check out this list of all the biggest Neo4j graph database news stories from the past year.

A Year in Review: Neo4j’s Top 9 Biggest News & Announcements of 2020

2020 provided to be a year like no other – wouldn’t you agree? Nothing explains this more than supply chain woes like no toilet paper in stores! (There’s even a graph example for that!) Despite the many unique challenges this year brought, graph technology continued to make way in various... read more