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Alastair Green

Query Languages Standards & Research Lead, Neo4j

Alastair Green leads Neo4j’s work on graph query language development and standards, and he is part of the team making the Cypher language available in Apache Spark. He has a background in enterprise data integration and transaction processing product design and deployment.

He brings a strong mix of consulting, architecture, and product skills to the Neo4j team. He is Neo4j’s product manager for the Cypher language, and member of the Neo4j Cypher Language Group (CLG)

His career in IT began in software development, evolving into pre-sales and post-sales, then into various architect, consulting and business roles, and then eventually founding and running a startup specialized in distributed transaction management. For the last eight years, Alastair has worked in senior data-related product management and enterprise architecture positions inside of financial services: First at Barclays, and then at RBS where he was the head of Design Architecture for the Risk Solutions group.

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