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Amy Hodler & Alicia Frame


Alicia is the lead product manager for data science at Neo4j (and still a data scientist at heart!).

She’s excited to build tools that empower users to solve critical problems. Her background is in the life sciences, and during the course of her career she’s always worked to develop models and dashboards to help scientists and end users answer business critical questions using data and predictive models. As a product manager at Neo4j, she sees her role as democratizing state of the art academic research so it can be leveraged by end users in a scaleable, easy to understand way.

Amy manages the Neo4j graph analytics programs and marketing. She loves seeing how our ecosystem uses graph analytics to reveal structures within real-world networks and infer dynamic behavior.

In her career, Amy has consistently helped teams break into new markets at startups and large companies including EDS, Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard (HP). She most recently comes from Cray Inc., where she was the analytics and artificial intelligence market manager.

Amy has a love for science and art with an extreme fascination for complexity science and graph theory. When the weather is good, you’re likely to find her cycling the passes in beautiful Eastern Washington.

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