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Axel Morgner

Co-Founder and CEO, Structr

Axel Morgner started Structr in 2010 to create the next-gen CMS. Previously, he worked for Oracle and founded an ECM company.

Axel loves open source. As CEO, he’s responsible for the company behind Structr and the project itself with focus on the front end.

Latest Posts by Axel Morgner

Learn about the evolution of graph database technology towards intelligent systems.

The Evolution and Future of Graph Technology: Intelligent Systems

The field of graph technology has developed rapidly in recent years. From the beginnings of the Neo4j graph database – released almost nine years ago in version 1.0 – up to the latest version (and also the developments of other manufacturers, though Neo4j has not lost its leading position... read more

An algorithm to calculate UBO status as defined in Structr's Flow Editor.

Fighting Money Laundering and Corruption with Graph Technology

The shocking revelations of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), who released both the Panama and Paradise Papers, as well as the West Africa Leaks, have shown that aggressive tax avoidance and money laundering are a widespread and worldwide problem. Money... read more

Learn how graph technology is helping the automotive industry via patedo for patent searches

How Graph Technology Helps the Automotive Industry to Innovate with patedo

Abstract: KCIG, a German consulting company well-known in the automotive industry, and Structr, jointly created patedo®, a groundbreaking patent search engine, enabling engineers to query the world's patent databases in unprecedented ways to find relevant working-level information much quicker... read more

Learn more about Structr 2.1 in this introduction and tutorial walking you through the new features

An Introduction & Tutorial for Structr 2.1

In one of our previous blog posts, we promised to write more about new features of our upcoming release of Structr, version 2.1, so here we are. New Tutorial But before we dive into the details, we'd like to to announce the first tutorial that our friends over at The SilverLogic created and... read more

Watch Axel Morgner's presentation on leveraging enterprise data management with Neo4j

Enterprise Data Management with Graphs

Editor's Note: This presentation was given by Axel Morgner at GraphConnect Europe in April 2016. Here's a quick review of what he covered: Data management challenges faced by enterprises The first step to enterprise data management: data integration The best way to integrate data via a unified... read more

Learn Why Your Technical Documentation Should Be in the Form of a Knowledge Graph

Your Technical Documentation Should Be a Graph: Here’s Why

TL;DR: This blog post is mainly about how technical documentation should ideally be structured: as a graph (not to be confused with a chart). As a software developer and author I have had the chance (and also the obligation) to write about software from many different perspectives and in even... read more

Learn How Schleich Used Structr (and Neo4j) for Effective Semantic Product Management

Semantic Product Management at Schleich, or Why Flexibility Makes the Difference

After a recent presentation, I was asked "What can you do with Structr that you can't with other software?" As we were short on time, I just replied with "You can do anything, but in much less time." I wish I'd have had more time for a more thorough response like what I'll detail below. In... read more

Learn What’s New in Structr 2.0 for Faster, More Flexible Application Development

Introducing Structr 2.0: Faster, More Flexible App Development

Editor’s Note: Structr is a Bronze sponsor of GraphConnect San Francisco. Register for GraphConnect to meet Axel and other sponsors in person. When Christian, Kai and I board the plane from Frankfurt to San Francisco next Monday, headed for GraphConnect San Francisco, more than 12 crazy months... read more