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Blake Nelson & Deve Palakkattukudy

Waveonics & Agero

Blake Nelson is the principal and owner of Waveonics. He has over 30 years of expertise in software architecture, design, development, integration, management and teaching for mobile, O-O, secure, real-time, stand-alone and distributed data acquisition, management and presentation systems.

Deve Palakkattukudy is a Principal Software Engineer at Agero.

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Watch Blake Nelson and Deve Palakkattukudy's presentation on using Neo4j for predictive roadway analytics

Driving Predictive Analytics with the Power of Neo4j

Editor’s Note: This presentation was given by Blake Nelson and Deve Palakkattukudy at GraphConnect San Francisco in October 2016. Presentation Summary Agero has been the industry leader in roadside assistance for the last 40 years. Much of their business depends on locations — the... read more