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Camilla Faust

Head of Marketing, DACH & Benelux, Neo4j

Camilla is the Head of Marketing for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland as well as Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg. She joined Neo4j in September 2022 and is excited about Graph Technology and how it helps make sense of your data. Camilla has worked for 10+ years in large and mid sized global companies across various industries. Before working for Neo4j, Camilla spent six years at Salesforce in the German Marketing Team.

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Graphs for Ease and Scalability in the Auto Industry: The 5-Minute Interview with Michal Stefanak

​​"I think graph database is the only database we should use – at all. It's the best one. After using Neo4j, I don't want to go back to relational databases. The Neo4j database is perfect. It's exactly the way people think and how you draw all the UML diagrams and everything. It's exactly... read more