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Carsten Weske

IT Architect & Consulting Engineer, Neo4j

Carsten is a Senior IT & Solutions Architect with team lead and mentoring experience with a very strong analytical mind who creates innovative visions, concepts and turns these into successful and pragmatic real-life solutions and products. He is specialized in MDM, Business Intelligence and Management Information analysis & reporting platforms, Digital Transformations and modernization of existing IT environments.

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Visualized IP asset information and its lineage influencing dependencies like inventions, products, revenues, IP filing strategy, and related legal cases, i.e. infringements and litigation.

The Bigger Picture: See IP Assets As an Interactive Dependencies Map

Intellectual property management requires a holistic understanding of how your company’s inventions, the products using them, and the revenues generated by those products are connected to each other and affected by a single change in any of the associated areas. This includes a company’s own... read more

Achieving a positive effect on payments, Transaction Monitoring and OPEX simultaneously is impossible without graph technology.

Financial Services: The Next Evolutionary Step Is Graph Technology

It is common amongst solution vendors to take new technologies and extend their existing financial services solutions with them. Often, these new technologies do not or only partially close existing functionality gaps. Financial institutions are still required to patch these gaps through... read more