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Christian Miles

Technical Sales, Cambridge Intelligence

Since completing his Masters in Maths & Computer Science at Bristol University, Christian has specialized in network visualization software for global enterprise deployment.

In his roles at BAE Systems and the Wynyard Group, Christian’s focus has been applying graph network analysis in Financial Crime, Cyber and Law Enforcement domains.

Latest Posts by Christian Miles

Learn how to visualize fraud with Neo4j and GRANDstack.

Visualizing Fraud with Neo4j and GRANDstack

To detect fraud fast, analysts need to see a real-world view of the data. Visualizations help answer the key questions: Who was involved? Where and when did it happen? What assets do they hold? And most importantly, how are each of these details connected? In this blog post, I use Neo4j and the... read more

Detecting Cryptocurrency Fraud with Neo4j

Criminals are constantly finding new and more sophisticated ways to commit fraud. Every technological development presents new opportunities for illicit activities, and few more so than the evolution of digital currencies. As cryptocurrency is likely to play a big role in the future of finance,... read more

Explore the Neo4j Graph Database community on GitHub using the power of Neo4j graph visualization

Going Meta: Exploring the Neo4j Graph Database…as a Graph

The graph data model is inherently visual. Try explaining a graph to someone new. You’ll inevitably draw a picture, or wave your hands around to convey what you mean by ‘nodes… links…. and more nodes’. People think in graphs, and they interpret graph intelligence visually. That’s what... read more