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Clark Richey

CTO of FactGem

Clark Richey is the Chief Technology Officer at FactGem. Previously, he worked at MarkLogic.

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Watch Clark Richey’s Presentation on His Database Decision Path that Led FactGem to Neo4j

From Good to Graph: Choosing the Right Database

Editor’s Note: Last October at GraphConnect San Francisco, Clark Richey – Chief Technology Officer at FactGem – delivered this presentation on his database decision path toward Neo4j. For more videos from GraphConnect SF and GraphConnect Europe, check out... read more

Learn about Clark Richey’s Journey to Graph Databases and Why He Chose Neo4j for FactGem

From Good to Graph: Choosing the Right Database [GraphConnect Preview]

For many of us, it feels like software development has well and thoroughly moved into the NoSQL database era. However, recent studies suggest that adoption is still as low as 20%. Personally, I joined the NoSQL movement in 2008 when I took a position with database vendor MarkLogic. Since that... read more