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Dan Flavin

Senior System Engineer, Neo4j

Dan is a Neo4j Field Engineer who likes to discuss graph concepts after becoming a true graph advocate by traversing through an untold number of database technologies.

Latest Posts by Dan Flavin

How to Create Conditional and Dynamic Queries in Neo4j Bloom

Enabling BI tool-like functionality in Neo4j Bloom — “I want to easily search based on this and/or that logic”Neo4j Bloom is a wonderful tool for navigating and visualizing a Neo4j graph without having to know the Cypher query language. This functionality is... read more

Where’s My Neo4j Cypher Query Results?

Why a Cypher query run in the Neo4j Browser may not return in a reasonable amount of time, what is happening, and what you can do about it.Note: The content of this post is relevant to the Neo4j Browser version 4.2.0 as of January, 2021. Your “mileage may vary” as the Neo4j Browser... read more