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Darrell Warde

Software Engineer, Neo4j

Darrell is a software engineer at Neo4j working on GraphQL. He thinks in graphs and believes data should be easy to work and reason with.

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Announcing the Release of the Neo4j GraphQL Library 3.0.0

Neo4j is excited to announce the release of the Neo4j GraphQL Library 3.0.0! Initially driven by the requirement to perform some major dependency upgrades, we have taken the opportunity to work through a backlog of breaking changes to improve the experience with the library, and to perform some... read more

Announcing the Release of Neo4j GraphQL Library 2.0.0

What's new in version 2? Today, we're excited to announce the stable release of the Neo4j GraphQL Library 2.0.0! ? This has been in the pipeline pretty much since the day of the 1.0.0 release, and culminates not only the work on some amazing new features, but several learnings from that... read more