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Davide Fantuzzi

Data Engineer, LARUS Business Automation

Davide has been a software developer for 12 years now. In his spare time he plays drums, reads novels, and listens to music. Sometimes he likes to go to the mountains for a nice and relaxing hike.

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Updated: Efficient Neo4j Data Import Using Cypher-Scripts

How the new Cypher parser in Neo4j 4.2 made imports 10x fasterThis is an updated version of this article by Andrea Santurbano. Before proceeding with this post, please check that out.In this updated version we will perform benchmarks for Neo4j 4.2.What’s New in... read more


Kinesis is a powerful AWS suite for managing video and data streams. In this article we will see how to read a Kinesis Data Stream from Apache Spark into Neo4j, leveraging the Spark Structured Streaming API and the Neo4j Connector for Apache Spark.Our GoalLet’s say we are event... read more

The Spark of Neo4j

Hear the story about how we at Larus, together with Neo4j, built the official Neo4j Connector for Apache Spark, and how we overcame some of the obstacles we found on our way.What you’ll read in this article are experiences we had between the start of the project in July 2020 and the time... read more